Mogul and Alliance Announce Dota 2 Alliance League

The Australian esports tournament platform Mogul has announced that it will be joining up with esports organization Alliance to bring the Dota 2 Alliance League to players after announcing their partnership first in May.

The Dota 2 Alliance League tournament series will see a prize pool of $100,000 up for grabs in partnership with the esports organization. The alliance is best known for their clutch win in The International 3, where the popularity of the ‘million dollar dreamcoil’ came to light, in which, one of the players used a Puck ultimate to stop two players teleporting back to base, while another member of Alliance was destroying the enemy base.

The joint venture between the two companies allows for an official membership where players and fans will get the opportunity to compete and win prizes as well as enjoy 1:1 coaching sessions with Alliance players.

Back in April, Mogul launched the Australian Apex Open tournament too, so tis is definitely not its first foray into the world of esports competitions. The Australian Apex Open had a prize pool of just $35,000 paid to the winning team and took place in the middle of May.

The Dota 2 Alliance League will be open to players and teams in Europe and Southeast Asia and will consist of quarterly qualifier seasons over the next 12 months. The Alliance Majors will then take place in 2020 with the full prize pool. Each team in the top region will also get to take home $25,000, and registrations are now open for Alliance Members, where the tournament will kick off on 30 August.

Jonathan ‘Loda’ Berg, CEO of Alliance said that the league will give their fans a chance to improve their skills alongside the team and will allow them to benefit from the coaching, win huge prizes and go on to meet the team and watch them play.

“The new membership offering and tournament series will allow us to continue to create a lasting esports legacy while supporting tomorrow’s best players and all of the fans who have supported us on our journey.”

This competition comes just in time too, as Valve has recently patched Dota 2 with the new Summer Scrub 2019. The scrub, while changing a few things, is a real quality-of-life patch improvement for the game. Not only did it fix some of the more unsightly issues that had been plaguing the game for some time, but it also made a bunch of necessary gameplay changes where certain spells or skills weren’t correctly stacking, fixing courier issues and making a number of cosmetic changes to heroes and their items.

It’s also supposedly going to be the final change before The International takes place, which will give teams a while to start practicing and getting the most of their heroes and line-ups before the massive competition takes place this month. The prize pool for TI9 is sitting at a massive $32 million, guaranteeing the winners of the competition, almost $15 million for first place.

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