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Why is Dota 2 one of the best games to make money?

Dota 2 is one of the world's leading MOBA titles, with millions of players playing and watching matches daily. The esport is most known for its complexity, making the game extremely interesting and allowing an incredibly high skill ceiling. The high skill ceiling ensures that professional players are the best of the best, making Dota 2 professional matches very intriguing to watch. Though most people treat Dota 2 as your average competitive game, there are multiple methods on how players can make money through this game. Let's dig into the different ways how you can make money with Dota 2!

Absurd Tournament Prize Pools

Most of the esports community, whether Dota players or not, agree that Dota 2 is the most challenging game to go pro in, considering the game's difficulty. The hardship that professional Dota 2 players go through to reach that level is appreciated by the community, which is why Dota 2 tournaments have unbelievable prize pools up for these players to grab.

Dota 2's annual tournament, The International, Ti for short, is a celebration where players can enjoy watching the best of the best compete against each other on a big stage. With the help of crowdfunding, The International always provides record-breaking prize pools every year. No other esports tournament comes close, as the previous The International 10 broke through $40,000,000 in prize pools!

The unfathomable amount of cash these tournaments have makes Dota 2 the highest-paying esports - and it's not even close. Winning a Ti will automatically make you a millionaire from winning a single tournament. Major tournaments happen three to four times a year, with million-dollar prize pools as well. Most successful Dota players can become millionaires from prize pools alone, even without having to win Ti. These numbers don't account for the monthly salaries that organizations pay their players either!

Dota 2 Betting

We understand that not everyone has the talent, time, or dedication to climb up the ranks and become a professional player. Still, regular Dota 2 players can also make money through different methods. A popular way that is used by hundreds of thousands of Dota players is through Dota 2 bets. Since bettors are risking real money through this method, it would be wise for bettors to check out a full Dota 2 betting FAQ on Tips.GG before they get started. If you're looking to get into betting Dota 2 matches, here are some quick tips that we can provide:

Understanding the Teams

Like any other esport or traditional sport, some teams are better than others. Specific teams can fall off, and others can rise to the top quickly. The fierce competition makes it very important for bettors to follow the professional Dota 2 scene actively and check match results and statistics daily or weekly.

Once players who bet on Dota 2 are familiar, and up to date with the best teams in the world, they will make better decisions on which team is favored to win over the other. Though the capabilities of each team can be shown through odds on Dota 2 betting sites, bettors should still do careful research on how the teams are doing.

Use Live Odds to See Draft

Dota 2 involves ten heroes, in teams of two, going against each other head to head. Both teams will go through the drafting phase in every professional game, where heroes will get picked and banned. The drafting phase is a vital part of the game, as heroes can counter other heroes. Most professional players agree that games can already be decided through the outcome of the draft.

With the importance of the drafting phase in mind, players who have a good understanding of heroes and matchups can wait for the draft to end before placing their Dota 2 bets. To be able to understand drafts, players will need to play a lot of Dota to understand hero matchups. They will also need to watch many professional matches to see which heroes are currently strong in the meta. "Cheese picks" also tend to occur in professional games, so it could be an excellent option to bet on the team with the cheese pick for a higher chance of winning your bet.

Boosting or Coaching Dota 2 Players

Though Dota 2 betting is an attractive option for making money, not everyone is willing to risk their money. If you're not looking to gamble, don't worry, as boosting and coaching less experienced players is always an available option.

Boosting Players

High-ranked Dota 2 players who don't have the commitment and time to go professional often turn to boosting as a side hustle. The process of boosting can be defined as when a highly skilled player plays on a lower-skilled player's account and quickly stomps matches to rank the account up. Though boosting is considered unethical, it is still a way for Dota 2 players to make money.

Coaching Players

Not everyone that plays Dota 2 is already a highly skilled player. Most players who are starting or looking to improve require guidance and suggestions to get better at the game. These players often seek more experienced players to point out mistakes and possible improvements. 

Coaching is an excellent, ethical method for skilled players to make money, as in-game coaching is getting increasingly popular every day.


In conclusion, Dota 2 is a good game for players to make money. However, just like any other regular job, a player with more experience and skill can make more money compared to the average Dota player. High-skilled players will have a better chance of making it to the professional scene, read the drafting phase correctly, and have the required capabilities to boost or coach lower-ranked players.

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