Street Fighter League recap – Season 3 Week 10

We are now past the halfway point of Street Fighter League, and the battles aren’t only getting more intense, but they are becoming more important as well. In the past couple of weeks team All-In dropped from their undefeated position and team Alpha 3 is the new team to beat. This week featured Alpha 3’s Punk, CJ Truth, and Nephew against Psycho Shinobi’s HotDog29, Caba, and Xian. Then after that was NASR’s AngryBird, Big Bird, and Samurai against All-In’s iDom, 801 Strider, and SKZ. To start off the night, Alpha 3 banned Guile targeting Caba and Psycho Shinobi banned Kolin targeting Nephew. […] The post Street Fighter League recap – Season 3 Week 10 appeared first on Daily Esports.

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