Street Fighter League recap – Season 3 Week 11

Last week was the eleventh week of season 3 of Street Fighter League and the closer we get to the playoffs, the more intense the battles are becoming. This week saw team UYU’s Oil King, JB, and Kami trying to break their losing record against team Dynamite’s Smug, MenaRD, and Gamerbee. Later in the night was Psycho Shinobi’s HotDog29, Caba, and Xian against iDom, 801Strider, and SKZ’s recently dethroned team All-In. To start the night off, UYU banned Cammy targeting Gamerbee and Dynamite banned Akuma targeting Kami, who has been the target of many of the bans against UYU. The first match […] The post Street Fighter League recap – Season 3 Week 11 appeared first on Daily Esports.

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