Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v6: #50-41 WWRv6

Daily Esports is proud to partner with the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank team once again to present the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v6 (WWRv6)! The Wi-Fi Warrior Rank rates 50 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players based on their performances at online tournaments. Check out the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank Discord to find out more about Smash Ultimate‘s competitive online scene. For most regions outside of Japan, this season marked the first full six-month period with Smash Ultimate tournaments totally online. Even so, the Ultimate community has remained active. Today’s article features several longtime Wi-Fi veterans, along with a few newcomers to the online […] The post Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v6: #50-41 WWRv6 appeared first on Daily Esports.

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