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5 e-sport apps that offer quick games

Online games have become a massive part of our lives contemporarily. With the upsurge in technology, there's hardly anyone who plays physical games as the same amount of fun and interaction can occur while using your computer. In this case, the category that is rapidly evolving is esports.

These games can be found in various applications offering the best variety and help you stay updated about the top esports news. And not just this, they can improve your cognitive abilities, strategic abilities, and leadership skills. Let's have a closer look at a few best e-sports apps.

  1. eForce

With the increasing responsiveness of smartphones, eForce have shaped itself to be a strong esports platform.  Keeping a strong foothold in the gaming industry, it is offering a massive collection of games. The app is polished and provides you with events, listings, and scores right away. The app opens straight into a calendar displaying the events scheduled for the day. You can use the controls at the top to navigate through and check out the events of your liking.

It also holds up a news section showing the latest news related to esports from all over the world. The tournament section helps you browse the upcoming tournament together with the participants in them.

The uninterrupted gaming app is just what you might be looking for to kill your boredom while engaging in something productive. It has a clean interface, is super simple to use, and doesn't irritate with any spams.

This is available for iOS only.

  1. Strafe

If you're looking for a more established app in the esports market, then strafe is a great choice. It has the experience, a great interface, and detailed information about whatever you might be looking for. After opening the app, it asks you your favorite esports game, followed by your favorite tournament and players. This is to provide you with the information that you're interested in only, instead of delivering the global news.

Be it the news, updates, or scoring, strafe offers complete information on every aspect. The app caters to the professional eSports team matches, providing a more focused viewer experience. It covers everything related to the match, from the latest news suggestions, to live streams, to videos relevant to the games you've chosen.

The flexibility and the user control of the app is a huge perk. It gives you a calendar, feed, and discover catering to all the possible news and updates you're looking for. It is definitely worth a try and is currently available for iOS and Android.

However, if you want your kids to develop some basic skills with some easy games according to their calibre to slowly get to understanding the eSports apps' information then you must have a look at Unlimited Gamez Mo. It is an amazing site to develop these skills.

  1. Twitch

As per Business Insider, e-sports have formed a center of entertainment worldwide, whose market growth is only trending by the day. Twitch is probably the number one pick for most people due to its undisputed player in the video game streaming market. This supremely popular app was released in 2011 and since then it has covered a massive area in the e-Sports market. Currently, it has more than 15 million daily active users. You can access the chat function, and watch any live video stream you want.

The option to search and browse your favorite channels and tournaments is also available. If you're into the streaming, you can go live from your mobile device. The navigation through the settings and controls gets a little tricky on the mobile phone but is just as user-friendly as it gets with a desktop version.

The app is divided into three sections of following, discover, and browse. The following tab will display what games you're currently following. Clicking on a particular game will open live streaming, videos of broadcast and premiers, highlights, and clips. You can also click on your channel. The discover app suggests streams and content that it thinks is relevant to your liking. It may be live stream, videos, clips, or popular games. Through browse, you can effectively search through games to find a channel, video or clip you want.

You can enable notifications to get alerts on your mobile phone, be it android or iOS. All in all, twitch is a winner.

  1. Upcomer eSports

During the time of quarantine, everyone wanted to remain functional. The way quarantine changed the esports market is just astounding. In this market, eSports holds a fair share of success. Providing a complete and interactive experience to its users, it has made a great name for itself.

It delivers news, real-time scores, and tournament updates. Set up your favourite game and team when you get started and get all the relevant information about your desired games. You can also receive notifications from the app as soon as there is news.

It has a wonderful tournament bracket system which allows you to visualize tournaments as they take place or have a look at how the players played in the past contest. These brackets keep on updating as matches progress to show you the actual standing of your favorite team.

  1. ESPN

Our last pick for the best eSports apps is ESPN. It is not just a renowned sports news channel but has a full-blown eSports website and app, delivering the latest news on sports at any time of the day. ESports is anyhow a sport and therefore ESPN is also a part of the market to provide coverage.

It helps you keep up with the fast-paced eSports world to track your favorite player's stats or the scores of your favorite team's matches. It provides a myriad of great information on news, scores, and tournaments that are not only limited to eSports but a bunch of traditional sports.


Keeping up with the latest trends, news, and scores is super important when you have your favorite team playing a match. In such a case, an eSports app is a huge rescue that delivers instant news together with live streaming so that you never have to worry about missing out on your favorite tournament.

If you have more apps to add to the list above, mention them in the comments below!

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