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Anime-themed Rocket Pass 5 announced for December release

A brand new Rocket Pass has been revealed for Rocket League. Launching on December 4, this anime-inspired Battle Pass features tons of unique and stylish rewards. As always, there are 70 tiers to unlock and a free and paid version. The paid version of the Rocket Pass gives you a reward for every tier you rank up. These rewards range from wheels to paint jobs to goal explosions. In addition to all that, the featured car for this Rocket Pass is the Chikara. An anime-themed supercar, the Chikara will be unlocked once you purchase the Premium Rocket Pass. On December 4, there will be an update, the Blueprint update, and following that, the Rocket Pass 5 will be available. 

All new rewards for a new Rocket Pass 

This is the fifth installment of Rocket League’s take on the Battle Pass, and their formula hasn’t changed much. Of course, they’ve shied away from promoting loot crates but other than that, not much has differed from previous versions. 

Like with the former Rocket Passes, there are 70 tiers full of rewards to unlock. At tier 70, you will unlock the Chikara’s final form, the Chikara GTX. After you reach tier 70, you will receive a random item every time you rank up. These random items are different painted versions of items you previously unlocked in the Rocket Pass. 

In addition to the Chikara, the rewards we know about are the Holosphere Wheels, Metallograph Animated Decal, and three unique goal explosions. The Holosphere Wheels will likely become more advanced the farther along you are in the Rocket Pass. In other words, every 15 tiers or so, you will receive an even better-looking version of the wheels. 

General details about the Rocket Pass

Rocket Pass 5 comes with a free and paid version. The Premium Pass costs 1000 credits ($10) but you don’t need to purchase it to get access to some rewards. The free version offers various items every other tier or so. In addition to the Premium Pass, you can also purchase the Premium Bundle, which advances you 12 tiers in the Pass, for 2000 credits ($20). All of this information can be found in the Store within Rocket League’s main menu. 

In terms of how to progress the Rocket Pass, playing Rocket League consistently is the best route. However, there will be Daily and Weekly challenges returning to give you a little XP boost. Completing these challenges will advance your Rocket Pass but they are not always a simple task. Some take special attention and multiple matches to complete. 

As aforementioned, look out for Rocket Pass 5’s release on December 4 after the Blueprint update! Be sure to keep up with Online Esports for all gaming coverage. 

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