Bunny-hop healing in Apex Legends is still possible after the patch

The recent Apex Legends Update 1.2 has created a lot of speculations about the bunny-hop healing. The update was on the removal of the bunny-hop healing. After this update, some believe that this technique will be completely patched out of the game. However, this is not the case. According to one Alex player, players will still have chances.

What is Exactly Bunny-hop Healing and What is the Reason behind this Update?

In Apex Legends, normally players move considerably slow during healing. Respawn brought this change for the benefit of players. The objective behind this philosophy is to give better opportunities to players for counter-play and recovery. They need to get a reward for good timing and prepare for the best. Healing is considered very fast in Apex healing. But the issue is that it puts the players at an increased risk for a temporary period.

This initiative is taken to prevent such condition and protect players from the risk. There will be no fast healing. However, some players demand that b-hop will still be there in the game. They just need to act smart to choose the right legend.

In fact, soon after the release of the Apex Legends, some experienced FPS players discovered that b-hopping is still possible in the updated version of the fame. More importantly, it will completely nullify the speed penalty during healing. This upgraded version of this game will enable players to make a quick escape at the time of shields and health recovery.

Like other exploits, the recent healing update was also in Respawn’s crosshairs. The studio was planning to patch it out and the update1.2 enabled it to remove the exploit from the game. From now onwards, there will be no bunny-hop healing. However, you still can have this b-hop in different ways, discovered by some game experts.

Players Can Have Still Bunny-hop Healing with Right Legends

The recent update brought some changes in the game. However, the move is not appreciated by many. In fact, some players did not welcome it since they believe that it will affect the game and performance. One player came ahead and decided to find out what Respawn did to resolve the exploit. His effort proved effective. He found out how Respawn fixed the exploit and he also discovered the ways to circumvent it.

Streamer and YouTuber QuakeV revealed that Respawn set slowdown debuff that will come into effect when players will begin to bunny up. It will work in most of the conditions with some exceptions. Respawn’s design for three specific legends will enable players to b-hop even after the patch.

Bangalore, Bloodhound, and Octane are now your favorites if you want to bunny-hop healing. All these are capable of granting them immunity to the slowdown effects. That will ultimately allow them to use the exploit. Until Respawn takes some measures to prevent this, the three above-mentioned legends can pull it off with the same intensity as before. As there are three options, you can enjoy b-hopping to the fullest staying away from any danger.



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