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Dream League Season 13 The Second DPC Major

DreamLeague Season 13 is all set to entertain the fans all over. This upcoming event will be the second major in the Dota Circuit season (DPC) of this year. The event and its players are ready to start in Leipzig and set some new examples for fans and the game itself. The game is scheduled to be held in Leipzig, Germany. Only a few months are left. It will be held from 18th to 26th January in the coming year, 2020.

If you are still curious about the finals of the DreamLeague Season 12, then you will not have to wait for long. Both these events will be scheduled within a short interval. The fans can enjoy the excitement of both, the finals of DreamLeague season 12 and the opening of the second DPC Major.

The DreamLeague Major will be held in Leipzig and will be hosted by the Dreamhack just before the grand finals of the previous season. The grand finales of the 12th Season will be played between Demon players and Alliance.


What about Teams Participating in the DeamLeaugue Season 13

You will not experience any exception when it comes to the team. Everything will be the same with some new excitements. Like all the majors, this upcoming event will have sixteen teams. These teams will be battling to score 15, 000 DPC points. All will be performing with their full potential to get more points and receive maximum prizes. The prize has a large share with a US$1 Million prize tool. A lot of things are still under the cloud. Fans will have to wait for a bit to know more details about the official schedule.

The official schedule is not released till date. A lot of speculations are going on. It is expected that the group stage will be commenced on 18th January and it will continue till the 23rd of January. These are speculations. You might get the official confirmation anytime soon.

The qualifiers will be done at a closed event. However, you can enjoy all those qualifiers since these matches are planned to be live-streamed. So, get ready to see your favorite team performing. The main event will take place at Leipziger Messe. It will take place from 24th to 26th January in front of the massive live crowd.


Points and Prize Money

The distribution of the prize money and points will vary significantly. Here are the details.

With 4,850 points, the prize money will be US$300,000. The winner of 4, 850 points will hold the first position. The second position will need 3, 000 points and the prize money will be US$160,000. For the third position, a team will need 2, 100 points and the prize money will be US$110,000. The fourth position will need 1350 points and the prize money for the fourth position is US$80,000. The fifth and sixth positions need 900 points to win US$60,000 prize money.

For the seventh and eighth positions, the prize money will be US$40,000 for 450 points. From nine to twelve positions, the prize money is US$20,000 for 150 points. The last twelve to sixteen positions will require 100 points to win US$12,500 prize money. All the sixteen teams will be working hard for the first position and to win the maximum prize money with 4, 850 points.


When the Qualifiers Will Take Place

You will not have to wait much for qualifiers. The qualifiers will be taking place soon in December from 1st to 4th. Fifteen teams will be participating in the qualifiers. At least two teams will be participating from each region and will proceed to the Major. The competition level will be high and the last spot will be taken by the winners.

Stay tuned and get updates to know more about the DreamLeague and qualifiers. All your speculations will come to an end with official confirmation. The confirmation is expected anytime in nature future. Get ready to cheer up your favorite team and the second DPC Major.

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