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ESL Confirms Team Liquid, IEM Beijing, and Astralis First to be invited to Beijing

It will be interesting to note that ESL has finally revealed preliminary information regarding the subsequent IEM (Intel Extreme Masters) event which is going to take place in Beijing-Haidan in China. In fact, Astralis, as well as Team Liquid, happen to be the very 1st teams which have the distinction of receiving direct invites. This event is going to take place in the city of Beijing on 9th to 10th November this year. Incidentally, Intel Extreme Masters is going to be the subsequent stop in the Grand Slam competition of Intel.


The Grand Slam battle of Intel goes on

The Season 2 of the Intel Grand Slam has been picked up by none other than Team Liquid and it has done this within a record time which spanned as much as 144 days. In fact, this astounding and unbelievable achievement has compelled the hand of ESL, and it has succeeded in adjusting the rules and regulations just before the start of the Season 3 of Intel Grand Slam. Incidentally, this is going to consist of a number of events which are regarded somewhat more prestigious and respectful as compared to the others.

Team Liquid who is already at the forefront in this particular Season 3 of the championship has come across yet another success which they have attained at IEM Chicago, that immediately followed the ESL One Cologne where they were lucky enough to win that particular event and also in receiving the coveted gold bars along with a breathtaking cash prize of as many as $1,000,000.


Astralis in the quest of regaining their throne once again

One cannot deny the fact that the year 2018 is definitely considered to be the year belonging to the Astralis. It is a fact that Team Liquid has been referred to as the “Astralis of America” in spite of the fact that it has not succeeded in overcoming the team from Denmark on quite a few LAN final showdowns. Incidentally, during the very first season of the Intel Grand Slam, Astralis was fortunate enough to win the lucrative cash price of as many as $1 million. The team from Denmark is going to be offered adequate opportunity by IEM Beijing which will enable them to provide Team Liquid with a real scare.

As a matter of fact, it will be really wonderful and welcoming to have both these teams taking part in this event, and this applies particularly to the home crowd from Asia.

However, it will be interesting to note that the prize money that will be handed out at IEM Beijing is going to be the same as before, and it is going to stand at exactly $250,000.

Below, we are going to mention the rest of the spots which are as follows:

• Invite #3

• Invite #4

• Invite #5

• China Qualifier

• Asia Qualifier

• Europe slot

Now the question that might arise is that to whom are all these spots going to belong. We will make every effort to find it out very soon and we are really optimistic about it.

What is your viewpoint regarding whether Astralis is going to provide a formidable challenge to Team Liquid at IEM Beijing? In case you come up with a relevant answer, do not make any hesitation in allowing us to know about it and you can post it in the comments section. We are all waiting for your comments regarding whether a challenge is going to be provided by Astralis to Team Liquid at IEM Beijing. Moreover, do not forget to listen to Daily Esports on a regular basis so as to get all the latest information in CSGO along with other significant esports as well.


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