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FIFA World Cup 22 in Qatar will be included in FIFA 23

FIFA has long been the top name in soccer games. PES might have had a few years where it competed with it, but for around a decade now, FIFA has been the top dog. This is why it’s no surprise that it has all of the biggest names in the sport included. The biggest event for this year’s release is definitely the announcement that the World Cup will be included in FIFA 23.

Past FIFA World Cup links

FIFA has a long and storied history of being linked to the World Cup. Long before the esports revolution, FIFA was intrinsically linked with the World Cup. The first release of the game was in time for the 1994 World Cup. Although on the Genesis it didn’t have much of a link to the World Cup, it did on other systems. The Sega-CD and 3DO versions of the game featured a lot of full-motion video from past events. Although it didn’t bear the name of the World Cup, it still had a lot of imagery that helped link the event in the minds of players.

Things had changed by 1998. At this point, FIFA had overtaken the other games on the market to become the biggest player in the game. Kick-Off and Sensible Soccer were no longer the top games out there. International Superstar Soccer offered arguably better gameplay, but FIFA was still the biggest name. It capitalized on this for the 1998 World Cup. Not only did FIFA 98 feature a few mentions of the World Cup, it also had an additional game released at the same time.

FIFA Road to the World Cup was the first explicit mention of the tournament by a FIFA game, but it was just the start of the tournament links.

Tournaments and evolution

As the game advanced so did what it offered. Instead of releasing additional games during the World Cup, EA decided to create add-ons over the course of the season. This meant that it didn’t cost players as much as it had in the past. However, new features could still be created for players. This included online tournaments where players could compete against each other in simulated World Cups.

It’s happened quite a few times now with different releases. It’s not just the male World Cup that’s included either. The female World Cup has been included in newer editions of the game. This has allowed players to enjoy the World Cup in a number of different forms in the game.

While FIFA hasn’t become a huge player in the world of esports just yet, with the global popularity of soccer, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a regular and popular tournament. There are even talks that an Esports World Cup could become a regular occurrence in the future. This is something that a lot of players would look forward to, especially if it was linked to the World Cup itself.

Qatar 2022

Obviously, Qatar 2022 hasn’t been without its controversy. However, it’s unlikely that this will negatively impact on what FIFA does with the game. The inclusion of Qatar 22 content will ensure FIFA 23 sits in line with other editions of the game. As it’s one of the best received versions of the game, it makes sense for players to have the opportunity to play at the latest version of the biggest soccer tournament in the world.

This means that there will likely be online tournaments taking place in the future, especially as the tournament itself gets started. The game will also include the option to create tournaments for players, which means that if you’re playing FIFA, then you will have the opportunity to create a World Cup between you and your friends. Of course, some will have an unfair advantage, especially if they get to pick one of the better teams in the game. However, if teams are chosen with a random draw, it will allow the tournament to be a little bit fairer.

With more content being added all the time, it really is an exciting time for FIFA players. Whether we will see a top-quality esports tournament in the near future still remains to be seen. It goes without saying though that there is definitely the potential for players to enjoy one of the most interesting events of recent times. Qatar 22 and FIFA 23 could create a fantastic experience for esports players.

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