Mang0 Win the First Live Super Summit 8

Joseph “Mang0” Marquez is in the news for winning Thursday Super Smash Bros, the inaugural Mang0/Axe. He won this match against Axe Williamson at the Smash Summit 8. The trophy of the victory looks exceptional with two dolphins. From these two dolphins, one looks like Pikachu and another like Mang0.

Every Wednesday, both these competitors Mang0 and Axe are seen on a show popular as Mang0/Axe Wednesdays. This iron stream show made them strong contenders for this trophy. It worked as an inspiration for the Smash summit 8. The event was scheduled on Thursday just one day after the Wednesday stream.

The Thursday challenge is regulated by some specific rules. In this Mang0/Axe iron man challenge, the player needs to win a two-stock battle. They need to win every character in their game. They will not have the option to switch to a new character without winning their current one. For this Thursday game, both these players started playing on opposite ends of these characters select screen. They pick characters in order when they across the screen. When Mang0 started with Roy, Axe started with Dr. Mario.

The beginning of the game was in the favor of Axe. Axe started positively and strongly, playing well in the initial phase. But Mang0 started dominating the game in the middle and on the game near the end. Mewtwo did not work well for Axe. Axe struggled a lot and it took a long to win this character. As per the game rule, the player cannot move on without winning a character. During this phase, Mang0 returned to the game with three wins. Mang0 succeeded to win three characters and this advantage finally declared him the winner. He was enjoying and dancing by playing Suavemente and Axe was sitting in disappointment as he lost the match at the end.

How Mang0/Axe Thursday Competition & Rivalry

Both these players are very popular for their play against each other. During Wednesday games, they play with the items on non-tournament legal stages. The fans love their game as they both show their strong rivalry during the competition. The Smash Summit 8 was the reflection of Mang0 and Axe Wednesday games. They were playing in a similar way. However, the game went in favor of Mang0. In addition to this game, Mang0 has also performed well in some other games and even won some games keeping Axe behind.

Also, they have a rivaled history. For years, Axe was among those handful payers who had a chance against Mang0. However, Mang0 has the edge with his 2.0 against his rival Axe in legitimate tournaments in 2019.

Mang0 also played in the Grand Finale of the Get On My Level 2019 and outsmarted the top five contenders. Both these strong results made this player popular all around. Also, he is one of those three players who have the distinct record of winning supermajor in 2019 along with Wizzrobe” Hallett and Hungrybox” Debiedma. Axe did not win the match but placed at the 2nd at two supermajors that include GOML 2019 and GENESIS 6.

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