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Playoff stage of the MDL Disneyland (Day 1)

Playoff stage of the MDL Disneyland (Day 1)

Team Secret vs PSG.LGD

Opening match of playoff stage was Team Secret vs PSG.LGD. LGD showed very poor results in the group. Their failure 2-0 against VG made it clear that LGD had serious problems. Secret showed excellent results in their group and without problems reached top of the tournament.

In the first draft, Puppey starts to amaze. If there are no questions to the Drow Ranger, then Morphling at the second pick was surprising. PSG responded with Sand King and Phoenix. The following picks of Secret`s captain have already caused more emotion. Luna at position 4 and Pudge at position 3 is the reason why Clement is famous for unusual and sometimes absurd picks. LGD shut it all down Bane, Naga Siren and Batrider in mid. The tactic was made that Secret would lose all lines, and then the game. However, implementation of the Chinese team was unsuccessful, Secret led in the tenth minute more than two thousand. Secret actions gave them a victory on the first map.

In the next game, Puppey outplayed himself. PSG was able to correct mistakes and took characters that are more active. The main cause of defeat was Alchemist draft. The reason for the draft of this hero is still not clear. Ursa has always been stronger than Alchemist, even with his ability to farm. According to the game, LGD won mid and bot lane and from the tenth minute, they went to aggressive. By  15th minute PSG.LGD were already two thousand gold. Since you have an alchemist in your team, this is a disturbing ringing. The second game was won quite easily for PSG.LGD.

In the third game, Secret`s captain took a more standard pick. Puppey decided to play 4 + 1 strategy by choosing four active heroes for Anti-Mage. In fact, the game ended on Anti-Mage pick. PSG could not stop the farm of this hero, which did not allow Morphling hero to play normally. Initially, in the battle of these two carries, Anti-Mage is stronger due to mana burning. Morphling does not like to buy Black King Bar since this item almost does not give dexterity or strength. So it turns out that Anti-mage is at war not only with the carry of LGD team but also with the rest of the characters, because of their large amount of mana and magical abilities.

Well-deserved victory to Secret. In fact, they played better. (Except Alchemist pick)

VP vs OG

In the second match, there was a standoff between Virtus. Pro and OG. Rodjer said in an interview that it was always hard for them to play the first game. For them, there is a tactic to play with high-level teams. They adapt to the game of each individual team, invent something. It happened on this map. Open to the second pick Spectre, in our opinion is a bad pick. Against her, there was already Necrophos, which works great against this hero. Although picks are equal, only one fight decided fate of the game. An incredible amount of heal from Abaddon and Necrophos literally did not allow Virtus. Pro to do damage. As a result, at 23 minutes OG has gone to break throne, without losing a single hero when attacking.

Abaddon is very strong in this patch. After this game, it became clear that OG earned itself a Respect ban new hero. It is not normal when the support of the fifth position simply destroys the enemy line. Considering  OG`s pick, it was possible to assume that the activity from their heroes should begin from about 25 minutes when Phantom Assassin will have a Black King Bar. Virtus.Pro, in their turn, should have put pressure on the enemy's pick, since Magnus and Pangolier at the first levels are rather weak on the lines. CIS team did not use their time, besides, Phantom Assasin did her job and on the 18th minute VP surrendered.

So ended the first day of the winner bracket. Next, we waited for knockout matches.

CoL vs Beastcoast

A disgusting tournament for EternalEnVy brought him to BO1 in the lower bracket of the tournament. He was able to win only one game in a tournament, and that against VP, for which this tournament is not a priority. Complexity in their group had already fought, although not very confident. From the pick of CoL, we can say that they will just go ahead and finish quickly. BC responded with a good defensive draft. Could EnVy assume that in 10 minutes Medusa will have a lower total value than support? The game lasted 40 minutes but under the full dictation of CoL. Absolute failure for Beastcoast. One of the weakest teams of the tournament. Why not the weakest? The answer is in next match.

Mineski vs Team Empire

That's the reason why Beastcoast is not the worst team in the tournament. Team Empire did not win a single game for the group stage. It feels like they are playing public, but they don't have microphones. In BO1, they open Morphling, to which they respond to Ancient Apparition and Doom. Mineski completely won the pick stage, won linings and won the game without any problems. Mineski is not a very strong team, but even an average game would be enough to beat Empire. Curse of the top 16 at the Major tournaments in the CIS teams continues.

The first day ended without much sensation. The only surprise was the defeat of Virtus.Pro. I think that they will enter the top teams, but time will tell us.

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