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Red Bull Conquest Returns In 2019

Are you a fan of the Red Bull? Do you want to know more about the Red Bull conquest in 2019? Red Bull was in the news last year for its conquest. If you love Red Bull conquest, you will be certainly waiting for something more fun, exciting, and adventurous. Fans are so excited that they have already started speculating about the 2019 conquest. They want to know what they will reveal this time. So, all your speculations will come to an end very soon. You might have a chance to know more about the tournament and other details. Yes, you are right. You might get some details and update in the followings.

Last year, it was full of excitement. The first edition of the Red Bull Conquest tournament got the desired exposure and received popularity across. This year, you will get some similar things with a few additions. The conquest will be returning soon in the second edition in 2019. The new circuit is already planned and you can get all the information.

The new circuit in 2019 will be featuring eight different qualifiers. There will be three very popular and well-known FGC-related titles. So, you are excited. This is obvious and this time, you will find something different and exciting to enhance your experience. If you love the first one, then you are going to appreciate the second edition even more.

The games that will be the part of the second edition of the Red Bull Conquest are Tekken 7, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and Under Night-In Birth Exe: Late[st]. You might be familiar with the first two times if you have become a part of the first edition of the Red Bull conquest. Both these are the part of the Red Bull Conquest last year. The newcomer is the last one, Under Night-In Birth Exe: Late[st]. It is expected that the Red Bull Conquest qualifiers will be able to create a very familiar atmosphere. They have already started showing effects.

The Format and Schedule

The qualifiers are scheduled to be taken place in many different cities in the United States in 2019. It will involve many states and will continue throughout. There will be no restriction for registration. It will be open to everyone. Even if you are not experienced and you do not understand much, you can enjoy the game. You will be able to fight against the qualifier’s frontrunners. Hopefully, the format amounts to a few upsets during the qualifying process. It is planned to spread through five different weekends. You can try and play your favorite tournament. Enjoy it even if you do not understand much.

The regional events will be played also. They will be played in Orlando August 24, San Francisco on October 19, Los Angeles on October 12, and Philadelphia on Sept. 21. Besides, the regional events will be played in Minneapolis and Seattle on Nov. 9. In events, players will get a chance to fight to secure their spot at the national finals. Santa Monica will be hosting the second edition of Conquest final in 2019. That is scheduled between November 23 and 24.

First Edition Experience

The regional event tournament winners will form a team to represent the region in California. 2018 brought more success for the Net York. It was the New York that got the crown as the top fighting game region. All the credit goes to the incredible performance done by the Victor Punk Woodley. Also, his teammates played to get this distinct title. The Eli Lostsiul and Anthony Mr. Whoopee with the Street Fighter prodigy succeeded to bring the trophy of the first conquest to the home in 2018. The FGC legends made it possible. But this year, nothing can be predicted. We will have to wait until the outcome.

In 2019, eight qualifiers make a great sense. With more numbers, there will be an increase in the number of talented players. They will be participating in the tournament. Also, it will take the competition further and will expand it to the other regions of the country. Anyone who wants to participate and compete can register for qualifiers on Smash.gg. The Conquest circuit will reveal the full schedule very soon. You can start preparing from now if you are interested to go to Santa Monica!


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