Strong Statement Made By Team Liquid During Summer Split Opener

In their summer split’s primary matchup TSM revenge was refused by Team Liquid, and they did this by steamrolling them within a time span that lasted under 30 minutes.

During the LCS Spring Finals in the year 2019, both of these teams played against each other for the last time in a closely contested series which went on as far as game 5. However, it does appear that TL has managed to reach a skill level which is much superior after combating through to the Mid-Season Invitational finals this year. Their emphatic victory which took place this very weekend was much different than what it appeared the last time when they battled against TSM.

Despite the fact that the play of Liquid on The Rift had been crisp, they depicted a fantastic perception of the present meta by means of their drafting. Those which were responsible for the victory achieved by TL included the likes of Xayah, Rakan, and Sylas which were rather powerful and strong at the time of MSI.

As a consequence, during the laning stage, the majority of their lanes were able to come out on top of their equivalents apart from the early matchup of Nicolaj Jensen against none other than Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg. It was declared by Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng at an interview conducted after the game that TSM played in the bottom lane rather passively which really caught him by surprise and he found it to be quite bizarre in the long run.

Moreover, Doublelift declared that he believed that he was really hoping that their bot lane will try to play for winning lane; however, they did not and they simply played to farm.

TSM made an effort to provide a reply to their losing lanes with a gank comprising of as many as 3 men in the bot lane, although it never succeeded. This particular play, apart from losing more than one summoner spell, assisted Doublelift to score a triple kill in the middle of all the confusion and disorder. Furthermore, he even had adequate time at his disposal for taunting Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen prior to finishing off his rival once and for all.

Liquid rode the impetus simply by blocking out TSM from the game while grabbing all the neutral objectives everywhere in the map. Lacking more preliminary game strength in their constitution, TSM did struggle a lot for contesting the rotations of TL while transitioning to the mid-game. In spite of every effort made by them to claw back off of a mid lane engage by means of support Andy "Smoothie" Ta, Baron was taken by TL systematically and it moreover made use of it to crush all the 3 lanes prior to tearing apart their entire base.

While it is a fact that only one loss to the most efficient team performing in the league will not spoil the fate of the remainder of TSM’s split, one thing has become evident by this particular match. Team Liquid is on the right track for creating history at Worlds by crushing their ablest competition in the LCS similar to what was declared by Doublelift during a summer split promotion video.

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