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Assault and Innocents leave Ghost Gaming

Assault and Innocents leave Ghost Gaming

Daniel "Innocents" Rebelo and Kovon "Assault" Richardson both announced their departure from Ghost Gaming earlier on Saturday, February 22, leaving the North American esports organisation with only four Fortnite players on their active roster.

Innocents and Assault are Ghost Gaming's fifth and sixth departure since the turn of the year. Earlier on January 18, 2020, Ghost Gaming already parted ways with Zander "thwifo" Kim, Christian "Snood" Hastie, Dylan "Dmo" Moore and Justin "Kayuun" Ha. Since then, Ghost Gaming have not signed a single player to their team, which is now down to four members in Sean "Sean" Close, Aydan "Aydan" Conrad, Rocco "Saf" Morales and Timothy "Bizzle" Miller.

The announcement of Innocents' departure surfaced on this Saturday, when he made a Twitter post, unveiling he is no longer a part of Ghost Gaming and a free agent, looking for a new organisation to pick him up.

Innocents' departure comes off as a shock to many, given his recent success under Ghost Gaming's banner. Back in December, Innocents alongside Ajerss claimed silver at Winter Royale NA-East 2019: Day 1 and won Winter Royale NA-East 2019: Day 3, which are also his career-best results. In his solo venture, Innocents finished fourth at Platform Solo Cash Cup - PC: Chapter 2 Season 1 - Week 10: NA-East and top-35 at Platform Solo Cash Cup - PC: Chapter 2 Season 1 - Week 11: NA-East and West.

What's more, Innocents has been a part of Ghost Gaming since February 2019 and has since maintained a steady competitive Fortnite career, which will seemingly take him to another organisation, where he will continue his illustrious career as a Fortnite pro.

Assault's departure from Ghost Gaming is just as shocking as that of Innocents for many Fortnite fans. Assault announced his departure from Ghost Gaming shortly after his former teammate Innocents, with a Twitter post which read:

"Parted ways with Ghost Gaming on good terms. With that being said I am currently a F/A looking for a new home to compete professionally and continue to grow my brand."

Much like Innocents, Assault has seen a fair amount of success through his Fortnite career. Assault started his venture into the competitive Fortnite in August 2018, when he joined MRKN and in October, the same year, jumped ship to Ghost Gaming. Since then, Assault finished third at Champion's Solos Cash Cup - Week 1: NA-East, fifth at Champion's Solos Cash Cup - Week 3: NA-East and put up a respectable performance at the recent Winter Royale competition. Assault also took gold at the recent Elite Cup, which featured some of the best Fortnite players across NA East, NA West and Europe.

Innocents finished 2019 with 44150 points, which earned him 35th spot at North American power rankings, which is above the likes of Turner "Tfue" Ellis Tenney, while Assault ended the year with 48200 points, ranking him 23rd-best Fortnite player in North America East region.

Despite the immense potential the duo as, it seems like they have fallen victim to the recent Ghost Gaming's roster purge. With Assaults and Innocents' departure from Ghost Gaming, the North American esports organisation's Fortnite roster is slowly dwindling down, which raises a question of what does the future hold in store for this team.

As of the time of writing, Innocents and Assault have not yet unveiled which team they will play for next, however, being two of the best Fortnite players in the world, it's safe to assume both will find a new home in no time.

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