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Champion Bugha, a 16-Year-Old American, Takes Home $3 Million

There are quite a few exciting and unique things that have taken place as far as the first Fortnite world cup is concerned. There were many players who were able to create a sort of history. It would be interesting to know more about a few such players in general. Let us get started with Giersdorf. He basically is a player representing the Sentinels Group. He was relatively new but the great thing about him is that he was able to move past 99 other opponents and stay clear of them. He was able to do with a wide margin and this indeed was a creditable achievements. He was able to earn a total of 59 points. The runner up was Psalm, and he scored 33 points when compared with the six matches of the finals. It would be pertinent to mention here that the World Cup went ahead with a point-scoring system. This encouraged players to look forward to be placed much higher up in the ranking, but they also were able to get rid of opponents. This worked pretty well because it played a big role in discouraging players from staying hidden until the end of the game.

About Bugha

Bugha is a talented and professional Fortnite streamer. He also is a player for the Sentinel esports Organization. Along with Bugha, the Sentinels have also earned name and fame for efficiently managing the LA Gladiators Overwatch League group of team. It would also be pertinent to mention here that Bugha’s championship win at The Fortnite World Cup was the first tournament title. It also needs to be understood that Epic Games has also come out with a new Fortnite Championship esports series. Hence, it is quite obvious that Bugha will have many chances and opportunities to retain his title and also look at new avenues of success.

Bugha Did Face Competition

When one looks at the details of the competition, it is quite obvious that Bugha did have to face some big names and competitors. These included names like Turner “Tfue” Tenney. However, it is to the credit of Bugha that he took an early lead after he emerged the winner in the Victory Royale and that too in his first match. Further, he also was able to notch up nine eliminations in that round. This certainly was not mean achievement and it went to prove his complete and total dominance in the Solos tournament that was help earlier.

The Win Was A Big Boost For Bugha

It goes without saying that the win at the Fortnite World Cup helped Bugha to become very famous. The win pushed Bugha into the high altitude orbit of those who belong to the upper echelons for Fortnite. The new fame also did bring in some unwanted attention. It resulted in some hackers briefly taking over the social media accounts of Bugha. The big win of $3 million did certainly catch the attention of thousands of people. However, as mentioned above, this hacking was short lived as Bugha’s social media team worked hard to take back control of all his social media channels.

What Did Giersdorf Have To Say

Giersdorf was naturally quite happy and excited about the whole event. He was at a loss of world after the win. He was a satisfied man because all the hard work and determination did not go waste and it paid off in more ways than one.

The most noticeable thing about Bugha’s win was the big margin and spread of his win. This was in contrast to the duo’s finals that were held on Saturday. There was hardly any delay in determining that Bugha had won the overall tournament. The aggression of Bugha in the early part of the matches certainly gave him the lead and put him in an advantageous position. It also allowed him to play conservatively in the later matches. It also enabled him to enter the match number six with a massive 15 point lead.


Hence at the end of the day, there is no denying the fact that the tournament of the Fortnite Duo did have quite a bit of energy in it. However, there were some controversies when a pair of notorious Fortnite cheaters were identified and booed by the spectators and supporters.

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