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How to unlock the secret Deadpool Fortnite skin

How to unlock the secret Deadpool Fortnite skin

Season 1 of Fortnite lasted for quite a while, taking up two seasons worth of content, and while a great season, which offered new maps to explore, it slowly grew old as Fortnite players eagerly awaited Season 2 update in order to see some changes to their favourite battle royale game.

Alongside all the new features Fortnite Season 2 brought with it, including new map locations, a battle pass complete with 100 tiers of new content and weekly challenges, Season 2 also introduced plenty of new exciting skins for players to acquire, each with several customization options.

From Ghost and Shadow themes to the Maya skin, which could be obtained as a reward from Tier 1 of Battle Pass Chapter 2, Fortnite players were visibly satisfied with all the new customization options. But there is one skin that took the Fortnite community by storm, partially because it was not publicly announced. That skin is the new Deadpool skin, which was not unveiled with a blog post but rather shown in the official screenshots of the game, which revealed several new skins Fortnite players can obtain.

The new crossover skin not being announced sparked a lot of confusion among the players, but alas, it was a skin many players wanted to see, ever since Deadpool first appeared on movie screens back in 2016.


Where can I buy Deadpool Fortnite skin?

Hoping to get their hands on the new Deadpool skin, many Fortnite players jumped to the item shop in order to purchase it, only to find out the skin they're looking for is not there. That is because you can't buy the Deadpool skin directly from the item shop like it was the case with other crossover skins in the past. Instead, you can acquire the skin by playing the game, although it will still cost some money to get it, as it's only available for players who purchased the paid season pass for Season 2.

Yet it's not as easy as buying the pass and playing the game. In order to get your hands on the Deadpool skin, players need to go to specific locations (Deadpool Room) and complete some challenges, making acquiring the skin an experience on its own.


Where is the secret Deadpool room?

The first step towards unlocking the Deadpool skin is by finding his hideout, which contrary to how it sounds, is not located on the Fortnite map, but instead in the game's menu.

If you're looking to locate the Deadpool room, you first need to go to the main battle royale lobby on the platform of your choice, as it all works the same no matter which device you are using to play the game.

Next step is to look at the challenges tab, however, because that is no longer a thing in Fortnite, given that it got incorporated into the general battle pass tab, you need to enter the said tab, by selecting the second tab in the menu.

This will take you to the battle pass home page for Season 2, which oddly enough will serve as a way to find the Deadpool's secret hideout. While in the headquarters, the players will be able to find a handful of new skins in the season challenges table, as well as all the agents they've unlocked, daily missions and other things of the same nature.

Once there, the players need to look for a small vent opening on the right side of the screen. It's well hidden as it can be hard to spot, however, it has a small icon which implies it can be interacted with. Interacting with it will take you to the Deadpool room.


Deadpool Challenges

After entering the hidden vent, the players will discover the Deadpool's hideout, which for some reason is a bathroom, cluttered with his items. Despite the fact Deadpool is not in his hideout at the time, he is not needed for the next step, which is unlocking his suit aka. Deadpool Fortnite skin.

Out of all the items found in his room, there are two the players can interact with one of which being his computer, which is located on the right side, while the other being a letter – this will be important for a later step.

By interacting with his computer, the players will automatically enter Deadpool's password and be greeted with challenges, which the players will need to unlock in order to get their hands on the new skin. The only issue here is that only players who own a battle pass get access to the computer and see the challenges, meaning that unlocking Deadpool's skin comes at a cost of 950 V-Bucks or roughly US $10, which is still a very solid deal, given that most other crossover skins cost significantly more than $10.

Perhaps the best part is that by buying the battle pass, players don't only get a chance to unlock the new skin, but also all other features that come with the Season 2 battle pass, including a plethora of other skins and cosmetics, which are all unlockable by completing the battle pass tiers.


How to complete Deadpool challenges?

Much like all other Fortnite challenges, the Deadpool challenges will be released each week with a new batch. At this time, however, there are only Week 1 challenges, which are fairly easy to complete.

The first challenge Fortnite players need to complete to acquire the Deadpool skin is to read the letter Deadpool wrote to Epic Games. The “hardest part” of this challenge is finding the letter, which on its own is not really that demanding. The letter is located in Deadpool's hideout as one of the two items the players can interact with.

The letter can be found on the left side of the bathroom, lying on the ground, in the clutter. By interacting with the letter, you will complete the challenge and unlock the second challenge of the Week 1 batch. The second challenge is just as simple as the first one, although it does have a sad tone to it.

For a mysterious reason, Deadpool is not a big fan of the Fortnite bus driver, who drives the players to their deaths. For that reason, Deadpool asks you not to thank the bus driver in a match. To complete this challenge, players must enter any battle royale match and ride the bus. While on the bus, you mustn't do anything, as to avoid thanking the bus driver for his "service" and jump out of the bus without interacting with the driver at all.Once you do so, the game will notify you completed the challenge. Unfortunately, the game will also notify everyone in the game that you did not thank the bus driver, so you might get some dirty looks from other players, who won't agree with your bad manners.


How to unlock the Deadpool Skin?

By completing the two Week 1 challenge, you sadly won't receive the highly-sought-after Deadpool skin just yet. Instead, you will receive a unique Deadpool banner item, which suggests there will be more challenges to complete each week.

How many challenges will there be in total is still a mystery, however, we can expect about 20 in total, meaning it will take quite some time before players will be able to enter the Fortnite map in a Deadpool outfit.

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