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Is There A Case For Separate Loot Pool For Competitive Fortnite?

Those who have a decent idea about Fortnite game would be aware of the term “loot pool”. Ever since Fortnite came into being there has been a demand for separate loot pool. Players have always demanded for the same and this is what competitive Fortnite gaming is all about. There are a few like Epic Games who though it fit to remain with single loot pool until recently. The developers were steadfast in their efforts to keep casual Fortnite and competitive playing on the same level. When it comes to tournaments and competitions, they include the same vehicles, weapons and other items that are a part of the regular gaming modes.

Hence, there were many reasons for the developer to reaffirm his commitment for a single loot pool. This was applicable whether it was during a Reddit or AMA. However, there are some new developments that cannot be ignored. The developer has found it fit to remove many items out of competitive play. These include Storm Flip. In view of this change, it has now become common for Epic Games to regularly input certain items and that too in specific gaming modes. To understand this better it would be a good idea to have a reasonably good knowledge about the differences between competitive and casual loot pool


Difference Between Casual Loot Pool And Competitive One

The main point that needs to be understood is balance. Fortnite is about the existence of large number of randomness. This is unavoidable and the only way this could be mitigated is with the use of a weapon that is balanced. It also calls for having the right vehicle pool and other such items. Hence, there has been a consistent and continuous demand from professional Fortnite players for providing competitive players a separate loot pool. However, this was not well received and in the first instance, Epic Games was not in favor of two variations of the game and therefore it shot it down. They were keen on ensuring that the competitive version of the game should be the same as the version that is played by thousands of players across the world daily.


However, as far as competitive Fortnite players, there is a world of difference between the two types of games even when the same loot pools were being used. They thought it was important to have a better idea about building techniques and also about the number of players that remain alive in each zone. This would clearly indicate that there are some unmistakable differences between the two. Further, the Siphon mechanic is not available in normal games and is restricted only to competitive variants of the game. It took some time, but eventually Epic Games had no other option but to believe that there was a difference between normal games and the game that would be played during the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens.


Separate Loot Pool Creation

The first change to the singular loot pool might have been caused by a bug. It happened during the week 5 of the Fortnite World Cup. Epic Games had to disable all vehicles. Though the move was praised by many players, Epic deemed it fit to reintroduce vehicles once the issue was addressed. This was not accepted well by professionals and they were dismayed to see the re-emergence of Ballers and other types of vehicles continue to remain a part of the competitive game. Storm Flip also came and it did create a storm-like impact in the large area. It obviously drew a lot of criticism. Epic Games had no other option but to remove the same from competitive play.


Recent Patch Introductions

Birthday Presents and Birthday Cake are the most recent patches that have been introduced. These items are required to celebrate the second birthday of Fortnite. It would be pertinent to mention here that the Birthday items are not part of any competitive games. Further, the Fortnite World Cup Finals will not feature the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle. This was released in the content update having reference number v9.41.

Epic Games continues to talk about a singular loot panel, but silently their actions point to change of mind and focus. The developer most certainly has an ear to the ground and is listening to what players have to say. Players always have been rooting for a separate loot pool. This is good news as far as the competitive aspect of Fortnite is concerned. Casual and competitive plays must be separated differently so that there is optimal game playing environment for all types of players. Both these types of play are different and the first starting point is to acknowledge that there is a difference and one must act accordingly so that better experience can be enjoyed by all.

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