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The Intention of the Innovative Matchmaking System of Fortnite is to make Match-Ups Fair

The principal aim of the innovative matchmaking system of Fortnite will be to make match-ups fair as well as sensible. We will be throwing light on the above facts in the following paragraphs.

There can be something notably frustrating for the Fortnite gamers out there. In fact, none of the Fortnite players do get paired up with somebody who is endowed with a higher expertise level as opposed to you. However, this problem can still be fixed. As per a recent blog post released by Epic, this problem can be corrected thanks to an innovative matchmaking system. They have got a special method for doing this; they plan to achieve this by connecting gamers of a distinct expertise level across all the platforms.

As a matter of fact, that might be an awkward thing considering the fact that Fortnite is additionally on mobile devices right now, thus putting those players at a slightly disadvantageous position. At the end of the day, Epic has only one goal and it is the fact that they would like the game to be as much evenly fought as feasible. This is for a beneficial reason; the main intention for making the game evenly matched is to prevent any expert gamer from being matched with a comparatively fresh player out there.

How is this going to work in Fortnite

As per Epic, their innovative system accounts for the different control units plus platforms. Following this, it is going to categorize the players together and this will be done according to their expertise. It has also been stated by Epic that they are going to continue regulating all the matches very minutely and closely. As a result, you ought to always be on your toes. Any person who makes an attempt to use this new system to his advantage by means of strategies such as “smurfing” is going to face dire consequences; he will be banned eventually. The term “smurfing” refers to a seasoned gamer who is accountable for creating a new account so as to use the new players to his advantage.

When it comes to smurfing, we have witnessed discussion around gamers smurfing which they do with the intention of having easier matches. No one can deny the fact that smurfing happens to be an offense that can impose a ban if not more. We have seen quite a few negative behaviors that take place along with smurfing plus problems having gameplay integrity. It is a fact that we will be taking the necessary steps if we observe regular reports and visualize that the experiences of the other players are being influenced by you in a negative way.

Here we like to assert that it is indeed awesome to observe that Epic has given so much importance to this matter. You have the liberty to check out a video clip right below which explains that it has turned out to be a real and serious issue in Fortnite.

Assertion made by Epic

With this innovative matchmaking system, we have a specific purpose and it is to establish fairer and reasonable matches for every single of our players out there. This is going to consist of some special and distinct considerations for each and every platform. This has got a special significance; it denotes the fact that where there is an existence of indistinguishable skill levels, it might be possible to match the players against their rivals from EACH AND EVERY platform irrespective of the fact whether they are going to make use of a controller, mouse + keyboard, or maybe touch input. Match analytics along with your feedback is being tracked closely by us, and all sorts of adjustments are being done by us so as to make certain that each and everyone is going to play a logical and fair match.

We like to conclude this article by hoping that this endeavor will play a vital role in making the playing field uniform in spite of the differences that exist between multiple platforms out there. We would like to know about your perspective of this innovative system. Please feel free to allow us to know about your perceptions in the comments section right below.

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