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The Upcoming Fortnite Champion Series - X-Tourney $10 Million Prize Pool

The fortnite champion series of X-Tourney is almost there and it is scheduled to begin on August 17. It has quite a few things lined up and therefore there is quite a bit of excitement and expectations. The prize money is going to be stupendous and it is expected to touch around $100 million across various regions and competitions. This good news was announced by developer Epic Games on Friday and the good news was lapped up by one and all. Hence, it will be not a bad idea to know more about this Champion Series and it will certainly be of interest to those who are big fans of the Series of Fortnite Champion and the various good things that it comes associated with. This comes close on the heels of the World Cup pertaining to Fortnite and it is expected that this will generate a lot of interest and garner quite a bit of support. This is mainly because the memories of $30 million prize money that came associated with this particular series.

Some Details About The Champion Series

There are quite a few interesting factors that go in making this a wonderful experience. To begin with, it will be three round trios even. Further, it will be held every weekend for five weeks and it will begin the next week. The topmost and major teams from each of the region each week will advance to the season X finals. The qualifying will also take into account top performers who are a part of the series in the leaderboard section. The series points will be given to them and based on this the final placement will take place. This will be a part of FNCS and it will be on done weekly.

Determination Of The Champion

The season X champion will be decided and determined when the season finals happen. This will include every region and the whole event will happen online from Sept 20-22. Further, there are quite a few other interesting things that also one would like to bear in mind. The number of practice prizes and other such giveaways when the Trios and Solos Cash Cup will get going. This will be held during each week and it will be held from Wednesday to Friday.

A Few More Things That One Should Bear In Mind

During the last month, fans in excess of 2 million were there to be a part of the entire tournament. There were some great things that happened during the match. There were some star attractions and this included 16-year person by the name Bugha Gierdesdorf. He was from Pottesgrove, Pennsylvania. The reason why his name is being talked about so much is because of the fact that he was able to win the $3 million grand prize as far as the World Cup in New York in this event was concerned. It was not only a great achievement in terms of skill and professional competence. However, what makes it even much more worthwhile is the fact that it was very big in terms of a cash prize for an individual player in the history of esports. It certainly is a benchmark and there are many reasons to believe that it will become one of the most sought after events as far as such events are concerned.

Big Number Of Players

It would also be pertinent to mention here that the success of such tournaments depends on the number of players who are a part of it. As far as this tournament was concerned, there were more than 100 players who took part in this tournament. More importantly, the total prize money of $30 million was distributed and this again remains a big talking point and it will take quite a bit of effort to match it at any given point in time.

The Final Word

In fine, there is no denying the fact that based on the performances of the previous events, there are many things that are positive and upbeat as far as the upcoming fortnite champion series is concerned. The prize money is extremely lucrative, there will be many numbers of players who will be taking part in the event and therefore one can expect that it will be one of the most memorable and talked about competitions for a long, long period of time. It will certainly be a trend-setter for many such esports events as and when they happen.

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