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Hearthstone launches The Spirit of Competition anniversary event

Hearthstone launches The Spirit of Competition anniversary event

Blizzard have decided to hold a small anniversary event for its Hearthstone player base, which will award the players' dedication to grinding out Blizzard's TCG game for over six years with new decks and new Tavern Brawl modes.


The anniversary in question will be named The Spirit of Competition and will run between March 4 -17. During the event, the players will obtain six free card packs by simply logging in. The awarded set of packs will contain two packs from each of the expansions, including Rise of Shadows, Saviors of Uldum, and Descent of Dragons. Players will also get a chance to obtain the exclusive Year of the Dragon commemorative card back.

The Spirit of Competition event will introduce a new chain of Legendary daily quests, so you better make sure you have some free room in your Hearthstone quest log. On the first day of the event, Hearthstone players will obtain a quest which will ask them to play two games in any game mode to obtain a reward in from of a Descent of Dragons card pack.

On March 5, another quest will pop up, asking to play 20 cards. For that, the players will get awarded with a Rise of Shadows and a Saviors of Uldum pack. A day later, the final quest of the Spirit of Competition event will drop, which will require you to take 30 turns in any game mode. After completing the final quest, the player will get awarded with two more Rise of Shadows and a Saviors of Uldum packs.

Besides the Legendary quests, the event will also introduce a revamped version of Tavern Brawls. Starting with the first week of the event, Hearthstone players will get a chance to play in a brawl dubbed as The Burndown - Rekindled, which will be more down the alley for players who enjoy the RNG aspect of the game and not so much for those Hearthstone players who don't enjoy brawls where the deck building is out of their control.

In the Burndown - Rekindled, players will be assigned a randomly generated deck, which they will use to battle other players. After playing the game, the loser will be assigned the winner's deck for the next Tavern Brawl match, while the winner gets to keep the same deck until he/she loses a match.

Although one win alone is enough for the player to obtain the free pack for the week, Burndown - Rekindled has the appeal of replayability. What's more, due to its mechanic, where the loser gets assigned the winner's deck, we are bound to see stronger decks as the week progresses. Burndown - Rekindled will also not allow players to pick their class, which brings a breeze of fresh air into the game, as it provides players with zero control over their experience, and that alone does bring a certain level of charm to it. 

The second brawl, which is set to come next week will be an updated version of the well-known Hall of Champions. In this brawl, players will get a chance to play with the winning decks from past Hearthstone World Championships. While that alone may not seem too exciting, it's worth noting that all the decks will be provided to the players in their original form, so all the cards in the deck will be equally as strong as they were back when the deck was used to win the World Championship. This also means that all cards that were eventually nerfed will be provided to the players in their pre-nerf state.

Although a rather short event, Blizzard really outdid themselves with the features and exciting brawls The Spirit of Competition will bring and it's nice to see Blizzard decided to show some affection to its Hearthstone playerbase, which has been playing the game for almost six years.

Hearthstone will celebrate its sixth birthday on Wednesday, March 11.

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