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Heroes of the Storm New Patch Notes From Blizzard

Blizzard has just released the new patch notes. These notes are to take care of the latest balance patch of Heroes of the Storm. However, it is quite obvious that there quite a few things to unpack. Around 20 heroes would be receiving balance changes. This is almost 25% of the entire roster. It is believed that some fundamental mechanics of the game might also go through adjustments. Hence it would be interesting to have some understanding of the changes that could be happening.


Designed To Make Things Move Faster

The changes are expected to increase the speed of Heroes of the storm by 10% more. The patch notes mentions that the changes will be adjusted and monitored closely. Blizzard, it seems has been working on this and now will be implementing the same. We can also expect the skillshot abilities to have a rebalance going forward because of this major change.

We can also expect that many of the heroes would be tweaked in some way or other. While some might be given straight nerfs such as team mascot Anub’arak, there could be other changes too. As of now, Anub’arak is not in a position to go even a couple of months unless there are some changes. There are others who are now just happy with buffs, examples being Falstad and Valeera. In fact, buffs should certainly be a boon for Falstad players who are dedicated. It also needs to be understood that Gryphon Rider has not received any balance worth the name for a considerable period of time.


Zeratul Could Be Impacted

There are some changes as far as Zeratul is concerned. If these changes go through, then he will have reduced the ability to blink and it could also lead to heavy cleave damage. However, it would help blinking out safely. This change will be welcomed because, after the last design, it gave him quite a bit of spell damage output. It would also be pertinent to mention that Imperius is also getting a rework. This is being done with the objective of getting him back to a 50 percent win rate. This is likely to increase the duration of regen globes that are on him. However, this will happen only if he continues to damage enemy heroes. This is a feature that will come in handy for maps of Heroes of the Storm. This is where most of the fights happen as is the case with Spider Queen and Tomb.


Some Minor Changes Can Also Be Expected

There also could be some minor changes as far as E.T.C, Mephisto, Artanis, Mal’Ganis, Orphea, Greymane, Ana, Sonya, Valla, Yrel, Anduin, Rehgar, Illidan, Medivh and last but not the least Maiev. The recent works of Chen are also being slightly changed by Blizzard. The changes that are happening to Yrel and Rehgar indicate that Blizzard is focusing on cutting down talent tiers and restrict it to three all through.


Changes To Hanamura Swordsmen

Apart from the above, it is likely that Sergeant Hammer may not be available on ARAM maps. This is based out of the result of the last reworks that was undertaken. This resulted in all the power being put on Siege Mode. The protective radius that is being provided by Hammer especially when it is sieged will make it very tough for enemy teams. They will not be able to dive on her area easily. This will also result in what is referred to as full-team single lane pushing. Those who are familiar with Heroes of the Storm know that ARAM maps are not suited when it comes to pulling wide flanks on. This is a natural counter tactic. Hammer will not appear on those maps, at least for now.


Slowing Down Of Swordsman Mercenary Camp

Hanamura Temple is the place where the Swordsman mercenary camp is located. This will be respawned to work 30 seconds slower. The main objective of Hanamura is to ensure that a player goes down so that it is able to clear the pushing Swordsman. Swordsmen do push very hard and therefore it is a loss-for-loss situation for those who have a deal with such situations.

In fine, the above gives some important details as far as this patch is concerned. However, it would be better to check out the official patch notes for the minor details.


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