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100 Thieves Round Out VALORANT Roster with Former Immortals Pros

100 Thieves Round Out VALORANT Roster with Former Immortals Pros

It is official: 100 Thieves have announced the completion of their roster. The Esports organization welcomed former Immortals pros Asuna and Dicey onto the team. They join Hiko, Steel, and Nitro.

The 100 Thieves VALORANT team has undergone some significant changes in 2020. At the start of the year, the group was comprised of Valliate, YaBoiDre, Venerated, and Pride. However, a slew of poor performances led them to be released by the organization. The only one left was Hiko, the captain. 100T decided to build up a new team around him.

Who Are Asuna and Dicey?

So, did 100 Thieves make the right move? Do Asuna and Dicey have the kind of skills that can help them take the team to the next level? Let’s see what the newcomers have to offer.

 Both Asuna and Dicey are 17 years old, making them the youngest members on the team. Asuna is a former CS: GO Pro. He made the transition to VALORANT in April, playing in an unsigned team called the Prospects. There, he caught the eye of Immortals and signed with them. He played with them for four months before moving onto 100 Thieves.

Dicey’s career has mirrored that of Asuna quite a bit. The main difference, though, is that the young gamer hasn’t come over from any other game. Rather, he has been with VALORANT from day one. Like Asuna, however, the gamer temporarily joined the Prospects before being signed with Immortals.

Both gamers were acquired via a trade.

The New Players Roles

The announcement of the additions to the team is rather new. For now, 100 Thieves do appear to be rather tight-lipped about the roles that they will play on the team. All that has been revealed is that Asuna and Dicey will be duelists.

At this point, it appears that the veterans on the team will be taking the lead. The team captain, Hiko, also hinted that he may be the sova main.

Where the Original Team Failed

It is worthwhile to determine how 100 Thieves original VALORANT team failed. This analysis does give fans some idea of how the newly constructed team could do better.

Now, there has been plenty of speculation regarding why the original team fell apart. On the surface, each member seemed poised to make an impact in their own way. Well, it would appear that a few different things went wrong.

According to reports, Hiko was supposed to have complete creative control over putting the team together. However, 100 Thieves were anxious to showcase their VALORANT team to the world. As such, they put together a team with little experience but lots of promise.

This was just the beginning of the team's problems, unfortunately. Based on what Hiko had to say, the team also lacked cohesion. While their relationships were fine, they just couldn’t seem to gel in the game. This led to a rather disappointing performance when they did debut.

Does the New Roster Hold Promise?

So, does the new lineup mean that the team can succeed where the old roster failed? This is something that fans who want to place bets with the help of onlinecasinosnoop.com want to know. Well, as with any new team, you are dealing with a lot of unknown factors.

While Asuna and Dicey certainly seem to have the skills necessary to put the 100T VALORANT team on the map, there is no denying that they are fairly inexperienced. That being said, being on a team full of seasoned vets should certainly teach them all they need to know.

100 Thieves certainly seems sure of this. According to the organization’s official statement, they have constructed a roster that has performed “above expectations”. And, considering that 100T has taken the time to carefully select the most suitable players for their desired performance level, this does seem to hold promise.

Of course, at the end of the day, the winners will be decided in the tournaments. The 100 Thieves will be able to display their combined skill and experience in the First Strike tournament. The world can then determine if the team is capable of living up to the hype.

If they are, there is a good chance that this team could potentially go on to be one of the best in North America. Thus, it is sure to be an exciting debut, filled with a lot of hope and promise as well as plenty of competition. 

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