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7 Alternative Game Types for Esports Players to Try

Most esports players have specific games they like to play. This is the main reason why they are as good as they are in these games; they have put in the time and effort it takes to get so good at these games. But what happens when an esports player is looking for a little variety and a different type of game to play? There are several interesting alternatives they could try out and we are going to discuss some of them below.

Stealth Games

Stealth games fall under the larger genre of action games but are vastly different from other types of games in the genre like shooters and fighting games. Stealth games like those in the Hitman series emphasize cunning and precise moves to complete game objectives. They are vastly different from other action games you would see on an esports roster because they encourage players to do everything covertly instead of going into all-out war.

Adventure Games

Adventure games are a genre that a lot of gamers do not like because they do not have many of the action elements you would expect from the more popular action games. Adventure games emphasize storytelling, with players working with characters and the game environment to solve puzzles or get clues that allow them to complete tasks, overcome challenges and meet game objectives.

Simulation Games

Simulation games have been around for some time but they are becoming increasingly popular. These games are meant to simulate real events and environments so players can succeed in these environments. An example of games in this genre are management simulation games where players simulate the management of a city, business or other entity.

Simulation games can also be developed as life simulation games. In these games, players control various aspects of artificial life. Good examples include pet-raising simulation games where players take care of every aspect of their pets’ lives. These games give players total control of the lives they influence and this is why they are sometimes known as “god games”.

Casino Games

Casino games are very different from the types of games an esports player would be interested in, but they still share some commonalities. For example, it takes time and effort to get good at some skill-based games you could play at an online casino like poker. Second, there is the unpredictability of some casino games like online slots. This unpredictability adds a sense of excitement, especially in cases where you decide to play slots with real money.

If you want to see what casino games have to offer and how different or similar they are to the esports titles you are used to, you can check out online casino reviews put together by websites like Online Casino Review. In addition to detailed online casino reviews, Online Casino Review offers valuable online gambling advice for those who are new to online casinos. They also provide detailed guides for slots games, online poker, online blackjack and other online casino games you may be interested in.

Strategy Games

One of the most popular strategy games is chess. Chess is a challenging game to both learn and play, but it can be very fun and offers something completely different from what you would get playing an esports title. Chess requires strategy, patience and a masterful understanding of various chess principles and gameplay options.

Almost all modern strategy games borrow various aspects of their gameplay from chess and other board games. These games require players to come up with various strategies and tactics that help them overcome challenges. Players get total control and access to everything in the game, including its world and all the resources in it. Some common types of modern strategy games are tower defence and artillery games.

Sports Games

Esports games simulate real games like golf, football, basketball and others. Various sports games have already been played in esports settings such as Rocket League (derived from football) and NBA 2K (basketball) but they can still be great alternatives for esports players who do not play them.

Some subgenres in this genre have not been explored too much in the esports realm, such as racing games and they can also be great alternatives to try. Some games to try here include games from the Need for Speed franchise, Gran Turismo and Forza. There are also classics in this subgenre if you would like to try those too.

Puzzle Games

Also called logic games, puzzle games require players to solve puzzles to complete actions and advance. They can include various challenges like word puzzles and mazes. One game from this genre that has become massive in the logic subgenre in recent years is Tetris.

Even when you have your esports titles of choice, it would be a good idea to experience something different by trying a different type of game. The genres and subgenres discussed above are a great place to start.

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