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CeroBlast and LowTierGod banned from all events by Capcom

CeroBlast and LowTierGod banned from all events by Capcom

Two Street Fighter V players, Dalauan “LowTierGod” Sparrow and Christina “CeroBlast” Tran received a ban from all Capcom-related events until further notice as announced this Friday.


LowTierGod received a ban from CEO, ComboBreaker and Evo events earlier this Thursday, after CeroBlast posted a short clip on Twitter, showing LowTierGod making homophobic and transphobic comments while streaming.

"Sigh... I have high tolerance for a lot of s***," read the Twitter post.

"I know LTG talks a lot of shit and doesn't mean it sometimes but, dude you got kids watching your stream. This is what you're teaching them lol..."

His comments made while streaming were directed towards CeroBlast, a Street Fighter player within the SF community, who had recently come out as a non-binary and transexual. Although LowTierGod is known for his outspoken personality and his tendency to "trash talk", he truly went over the line with his statements, which ushered his immediate ban from all major fighting games competitions.

After Co-founder of Evolution Championship Series (EVO) Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar, Alex Jebailey and the Event Director at ComboBreaker Rick “TheHadou” Thiher heard of the incident, they issued a statement, banning LowTierGod from all of their events, as well as all other Major events in 2020.

CeroBlast, who was the victim of this incident, also got banned from all those events, due to previous interaction with another player BigNastyKail, against whom CeroBlast used racial slurs.

"You are also not welcome at any Evo events for the foreseeable future," said Mr. Wizard in his Tweet.

CapCom responded to the situation earlier this Friday, with an announcement which read:

"Capcom has been made aware of a situation where Dalauan “LowTierGod” Sparrow and Christina “CeroBlast” Tran have made offensive statements online."

"This is a clear violation of Capcom's player code of conduct, so we have concluded that we have no choice but to bane LowTierGod and Ceroblasr form all Capcom-owned and/or operated events, including Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter league, for an indefinite period including this year and beyond until further notice."

"This is a global ban, meaning it applies to tournaments and events in all locations throughout the world, we will continue to closely monitor this situation and any other that may be inappropriate."

Although a harsh ban, the general consensus in the Fighting Games community is that both LowTierGod and CeroBlast deserved to be punished and rightfully deserved the bans, however, some members of the community are calling to for more actions. While most of the Fighting Games has been working on making changes which would prevent the usage of homophobia, transphobia, sexual violence and racial slurs, however, based on the recent incidents, there is clearly more work the community, as well as event organisers, need to do. Nonetheless, the ban of CeroBlast and LowTierGod is surely a step in the right direction.

“I am deeply sorry for what I have said in this clip," said CeroBlast.

"My emotions took the best of me, there is nothing I can do at this point but to do better and take responsibility for what I said."

"I wish I can take back what all I said. My emotions took the best of me, there is nothing I can do at this point but to do better and take responsibility for what I said."

"I am so sorry for letting you down when I previously made an apology to do better, yet I have failed in doing so again. For the people that stood up for me and gave me another chance to do better."

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