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CoD Mobile surpasses 180 million downloads in three months since its launch

CoD Mobile surpasses 180 million downloads in three months since its launch

Call of Duty: Mobile has surpassed 180 million downloads barely three months after its release on October 1, 2019, making it the most-downloaded game on both Google Play and App Store in Q4 of 2019, and the second most-downloaded game of 2019.


Call of Duty: Mobile launched on Tuesday, October 1, and has since amassed a huge following of over 180 million players, according to Sensor Tower's Q4 2019 Data Digest. With those numbers, Cod: Mobile has had the second-best quarter of any mobile game in history, in terms of worldwide downloads, only losing out to Pokémon GO's launch on July 6, 2016.

Due to its immense popularity, it should not come off as a surprise CoD: Mobile has also produced impressive revenue numbers. The biggest share of its revenue came from the United States where it grossed nearly $50 million in its first 90 days since launch. To put that into perspective, since 2017, only Fortnite has seen higher revenue in the US, grossing just over $60 million in 90 days since it launched on mobile. 

The second most-downloaded game of 2019 Q4 was Sand Balls with just under 100 million downloads on Google Play and App Store, it was also the second most downloaded game on Google Play. The second-most downloaded game on the App Store, however, was Mario Kart Tour, with over 80 million downloads in Q4. Mario Kart reached number nine overall across both stores.

Fortnite: Mobile was No. 188 on the App Store, with an 8% quarterly growth. The 2019 Q4 was also Fortnite's first quarter of positive download growth since its launch in 2018.

Looking at the numbers for the full year of 2019, PUBG Mobile was the most downloaded game, reaching 285 million downloads across both App Store and Google Play, meaning it gained just over 100 million more users compared to CoD: Mobile. While CoD is still far behind PUBGM, it's safe to say that the mobile version of the widely popular FPS title could, in fact, surpass the numbers put up by PUBGM, if CoD: Mobile was released earlier in the year.

The second-most downloaded game of 2019 was Garena Free Fire with over 250 million downloads, which put Subway Surfers at third place with just over 200 million downloads.

The most downloaded new release of 2019 was Fun Race 3D, with over 200 million downloads since its launch on July 19, 2019, while Call of Duty: Mobile came in second with 180 million, despite launching almost three months later.

What number of users will CoD: Mobile reach in 2020 is anyone's guess, but we can be certain it will go well beyond 180 million since Activision are working hard on updating the game at a very fast pace. With its competitive seasons, new features, constant updates and growing popularity of CoD franchise due to the launch of Call of Duty League, it's not entirely impossible for CoD: Mobile to become one of, if not, the most downloaded mobile game in 2020.

What's more, CoD: Mobile has a plethora of different game modes and challenges, including Sticks and Stones, Zombies, Battle Royale, and of course the multiplayer experience, which is set to enter Season 3 later this month.

As it stands now, there are no official CoD: Mobile tournaments which would allow the game to enter the esports scene. That said, we can expect that to change sometime soon, considering there is a huge demand for a CoD: Mobile esports tournaments, and with the growing popularity of Call of Duty game as a whole, it would be safe to say CoDM would easily rival PUBGM as one of the biggest titles in the mobile esports scene.

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