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ESL Announces Euronics as Latest Partner

ESL and Euronics are now together. Tournament organizer ESL made it clear with the recent partnership announcement. The organization has developed a partnership with Euronics, the international retail group.

The deal might have seen from the perspective of the ESL One Hamburg that is going to take place soon between 24 and 27th October. This is expected to be a great event as it includes national leagues in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

In addition, the international retail group Euronics will plan for in-store activation for all its markets across. This initiative will feature branding in its stores as well as in Hamburg, at the tournament. The deal is much discussed now since most speculations are coming up from the experts regarding its future and outcome.

As said by the managing director of the Euronic International, John Olsen, the flexibility and popularity of partnering with the leading ESL in the esports industry will give many opportunities to the Euronics group. It will enable the group to collaborate simultaneously with the markets and capitalize the success. They are expecting an exciting opportunity to develop collaboration all through and achieve something big. People who are carrying the Euronics logo and even the Euronics members with strong local brands including the Teknosa (Turkey) and Boulanger (France) will get better possibilities.

The managing director expressed his desire to offer a human touch to the digital world. He further added, we want a human touch for the digital world and this is his principle for everything that the organization plans to do both instore and online. When they will have direct access to a large level of the audience through the partnership, they will get a better place to explore different options. With direct access to the audience through multiple channels, they will be able to identify great synergy with their partner, ESL. He also said that his organization has a passion for creating unforgettable and meaningful experiences for both their fans and customers.

Some other sponsors of the forthcoming ESL one in Hamburg are Paysafecard, Intel. DHL, Mercedes-Benz, Vodafone, ASUS ROG, and Mtn Dew AMP Game Fuel.

The SVP Global Sales & Business Development at ESL, Bernhard Mogk, also added, they are thrilled and super excited to announce their partnership with one of the leading European retail groups such as Euronics. They also feel proud and appreciate the step taken by ESL. As said by the group, they feel proud to become the partner of the ESL and for being the first-ever group-wide sponsorship. They will work together with the mission of growing esports across the global platform and will develop a condition where everybody will have the opportunity to become somebody. Euronics will be the natural fit with a noteworthy footprint across all the markets relevant to it.

Esports Insiders made it even more exciting by adding that, the partners and sponsors of the ESL One Hamburg is now an impressive roster that they have seen so far in the esports. They are interested to see the further developments and how exactly Euronics choose this, especially it is a large-scale group-wide partnership.

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