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FIFA pro Kurt0411 banned from every EA game

FIFA pro Kurt0411 banned from every EA game

Infamous YouTuber and FIFA pro Kurt "Kurt0411" Fenech has received a lifetime ban from all EA games and online services, after already receiving a lifetime ban from FIFA last year due to his abusive behaviour.

There are many infamous esports players in the scene, yet none can compare to Kurt0411, who has risen to a new level of infamy earlier this Monday, February 24, when he received a lifetime ban from all EA games and online services, as revealed by Electronic Arts themselves on their official Twitter page.

Kurt0411 was known in the gaming scene for his rants and threats directed towards EA Games. Last year, he already received a lifetime ban from playing all FIFA games due to his abusive, harassing and vulgar behaviour that, according to EA "crossed the line", but the Maltan former FIFA pro went one step further with his videos, where he continued to criticise the company and the game.

EA seemingly had enough of his immature and outright vulgar manners and decided to hand him a lifetime ban from all of their products.

"In November 2019, after a series of Code of Conduct violations as part of the EA SPORTS FIFA Global Series in which he threatened employees and other players, Kurt0411 was banned from competing or attending any EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series events or future competitions," EA said in their official tweet.

"Since that time, Kurt has continued to post abusive and threatening messages and videos about EA employees and competitive players on social media and he has encouraged others to do the same. His messages have crossed a line of decency into very personal attacks and breach our Terms of Service. We will not tolerate threatening behaviour. As a result, today Kurt0411’s EA account will be banned from playing our games and accessing our services due to these serious and repeated violations."

EA closed out their announcement by adding:

"We build games and communities for players to have fun. Creating a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone without fear of harassment or abuse is a vital part of that. Our Terms of Service include a Code of Conduct that we ask players to abide by to keep our communities healthy and safe. We have an ongoing focus to create communities where everyone feels safe and respected, including in-game toxicity reporting tools as well as new moderation tools. And, we will continue to add more features."

EA's decision has now split the community in two. Some believe EA made the right call and should keep punishing players who break the rules in a similar fashion, while others believe that a lifetime ban is a bit too harsh. From an neutral standpoint, it's hard to defend Fenech, who has cultivated a personality of hate against EA, and sometimes did go over the line with his statements and threats. Did that rightfully earn him a lifetime ban from all EA services, however, is up to debate.

Despite his toxic behaviour, Kurt0411 proved to be a very talented FIFA pro. in 2018, he finished top four at FIFA eClub World Cup 2018 while playing for Mkers and later in August claimed a top-four finish at FIFA eWorld Cup 2018, where he lost to the eventual champion Mosaad "Msdossary" Aldossary in the semi-finals. In February 2019, Kurt0411 also participated at FUT Champions Cup 2019 February, where he came in ninth-16th.


Full list of Kurt0411's FIFA achievements:

FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 - Grand Finals; 3rd-4th

FIFA Global Series 2018 - Amsterdam (XBox1); 5th-8th

FIFA Global Series 2019 - Hamburg (XBox1); 5th-8th

FIFA eClub World Cup 2018; 3rd-4th

FUT Champions Cup 2018 - Barcelona - XBox Division; 9th-16th

FUT Champions Cup 2018 - Manchester; 17th-32nd

FUT Champions Cup 2019 - ELEAGUE Atlanta; 9th-16th

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