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How To Win In Poker Consistently?

To some extent luck plays a role in all casino games. However, in the long run, it is your strategy that helps you win more games. You can win hands in one or two sessions, but to consistently win it’s tough.

Poker is a lot different from roulette, slots, or craps because you need a good strategy and the skills to win. Of course, the cards you receive is not in your control, therefore it depends on how you play and your understanding of the game. Thus, the first step toward winning poker games is to learn the different strategies to acquire the skills which the best poker players possess.

Ranking of winning hands

1. Royal flush - a straight flush of the same suit of cards including king, queen, jack, ten and ace.

2. Straight flush - a series of five cards of the same suit in order.

3. Four of a kind - a hand of four similar ranked cards.

4. Full house - a hand of three cards with the same value as well as another two cards with the same value.

5. Flush -  a hand of any five cards of the same suit.

6. Straight - a hand of five consecutive cards from different  suits.

7. Three of a kind - a hand of three similarly ranked cards.

8. Two pairs -  a hand of two similarly ranked cards and another two cards in a similar rank.

9. One pair - a hand of two similarly ranked cards.

10. High card - a hand of highest valued card of the game.

What is a winning hand?

The player with the best hand at the table wins the pot. There is a starting bet at every poker table that varies from casino to casino. Each player puts their money in the winning pot, and the dealer distributes two cards to every player.

Then the dealer places five cards one at a time in between which players check, call, raise, or fold depending on the cards they have in hand. Usually, there are four rounds of betting. After all five cards are placed, all those remaining in the game show their hand, and the one with the best combination wins.

If you are someone who understands the game and is looking to improve their chances of winning consistently, the following tips should improve your game. These are highly effective strategies for a poker player, and applying them can take your game from mediocre to expert level.

Limit your range

The best strategy for any poker game is to maximize the winnings. You cannot receive a winning hand all the time. Playing with a weak starting hand can cost you a lot of money. When you are playing an online live casino, you are unaware of who your opponents are. They can be experienced players, so you have to acknowledge that.

There is no shame in folding when you feel your cards are not good enough. But that does not mean you must only play with aces, kings, or other strong hands. You need the experience to play with weaker hands, and when the opponents are playing aggressively, you should be patient.

Also, if it is not your day, instead of taking risks with weaker hands and losing loads of money, it is better to quit early. It's much more important to learn how to take small losses in poker and rather move on than to keep playing and getting dragged down by a large loss.

Maximize the winning hands

Poker is all about long sessions, so once you learnt the art of playing any hand, you can expand your range. Since a lot of players don't usually mix it up, it's clear to know what they have. When everyone knows what you have, your bluffs will never succeed, and your big hands won't pay off.

Keep mixing up your strategy to keep your opponents on their toes making you not easy to predict. It is essential to be deceptive in poker, which means you need to trick the opponents into thinking about cards. If you make it obvious for other players to guess your strategy or hand, it will become extremely difficult for you to win.

Learn when to fold

There are two ways of winning a hand in poker; either you have the strongest hand or have other players fold. Because bluffing is an integral part of playing any poker game, folding is easier said than done. An average player or someone who is starting out folds when they believe they don’t have a chance of winning. The downside of this strategy is that if none of the players have good cards and they still choose to play, they can potentially win the hand.

Hence, you need experience and learn the folding strategy because it is possible to force the opponents out of the game just based on the bluff. It is also another major difference between an average and a successful player that an average player reads the specific hand while a successful player thinks in terms of range and reads the player.

Semi bluffing

It is one of the tricks that you can easily fool your opponents. Semi-bluffing effectively can reap benefits. It is a bet made on the flop where you don’t have the strongest hand currently, but have a chance of winning something from the pot.

The cards you receive and at the table decide whether you are going to semi-bluff. Again, it is something that you will learn with experience and playing with good players.

Play profitable games

As a beginner, the most prominent mistake you can make is to play at the table with good and regular players. If you are not as rich as the other players, then you are at the wrong table. Playing at such poker tables can make you lose a lot of money quickly.

If you want to win big and consistently, play with those who make fundamental errors. Exploiting bad moves is one of the classic ways of winning at poker. Pushing against the good players can help you learn the game but not necessarily make you money.


There is a difference between an average and a good player. With a few adjustments and learning from the tips you could win at poker consistently. It has a lot to do with developing a much more detached, cold, mathematical, and logical approach to the game. Poker players who are emotionally or superstitiously driven almost always lose or struggle to stay even. The best poker players realize they are in it for the long haul, so they don't get too caught up in any hand or moment. Despite all odds, they continue to make the most profitable plays.

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