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Malta's Vision for video games development and esports

Many esports and video game developments are coming up from different parts of the world. Malta is one of them. The Malta government has launched a video game and esports vision to enable game enthusiastic to have better platforms to get more fun and entertainment. In a recent development, the Malta Prime Minister has seen signing an agreement to promote esports across the country.

The Malta Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, has signed an esports memorandum of the understanding between the ESL and Malta. The agreement itself has created a lot of speculations in the country about the future of video games and the opportunities to promote the games through different platforms.

The objective behind launching the country’s vision for the Video Game Developments & Esports is to pave the way for the development of the industry. It is the first initiative in this direction and can open up better possibilities for future growth. The esports industry of Malta is now in a better position to create a suitable platform for all interested in video games.

The vision was created and developed by Silivo Schembri, the Parliamentary Secretary for the Financial Services of the Digital Economy & Innovation. As said by Schembri, the vision has great potential to offer a number of benefits. The presenter especially mentioned that the vision can contribute a lot to the economy of the country. Also, it will create more job opportunities for the people of the country.

While commenting on the vision, Silivo said, the video game business model will not be similar to the structure of the igaming. The model will be a bit different from the current igaming. The developers of this gaming vision will need sector-specific expertise and industry-led innovations and support to ensure proper growth and development. Therefore, after discussing with the key stakeholders, they decided to take some key educational initiatives to continue on the existing talent and cater to the requirements of the igaming industry. All these developments will make it easier and smoother for the future generation to pursue in this growing and thriving sector that will continue to achieve more in the upcoming years.

The Malta vision has a key objective. This vision will position the country as a hub for the esports and video game growth in Europe and Mediterranean. Also, it has the capability to draw international esports tournaments to host in the country. From this, it can make more profits for the country and will create better financial possibilities.

CEO of ESL, Ralf Reichert talked about the memorandum of the understanding in a recent release. He said that ESL has a key mission to build esports ecosystems. He further added ESL is super excited about creating and bringing the Maltese Esports with the Maltese Government together.

The Insiders of Esports also expressed excitement saying that it is good to find a country embracing esports and gaming in such a manner and committed to creating better esports opportunity for all. Malta vision with ESL will certainly display some intention to contribute to esports and economy of the country.

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