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Marvel Entertainment collaboration is finally revealed by Team Liquid

Team Liquid, which happens to be an esports company that is based in the continent of North America, is responsible for making an announcement of collaboration along with Marvel Entertainment for the Rift Rivals competition which is going to be held this year. All the teams taking part in the Rift Rivals tournament will be putting on innovative limited-edition jerseys and all of these are going to be featured by this particular collaboration which we have mentioned just before. The Rift Rivals competition which is going to be held this year is going to be a global event where the best of the European as well as the North American League of Legends teams will be competing against each other. The total duration of the entire event will be from June 27 to June 29 (3 days in total). Interestingly, this tournament has evoked a lot of interest in both the European continent as well as North America too.

Team Liquid x Marvel Entertainment

According to the report published by Marvel Games on Twitter, the First Avenger – as well as the most appropriate match for the supporters of Team Liquid as this championship sports team battles hard to bring glory to North America. It is interesting to be aware of the fact that Marvel Games has the unique distinction of featuring an image of this Team Liquid League of Legends team while putting on matching jerseys. Marvel Games likewise asserted that the fans are going to play an important role by showing their support and they will be able to get hold of their personal Team Liquid x Marvel Captain America sport shirt.



We choose to be heroes.

Welcome to our strategic partnership with @Marvel, we are collaborating with the entertainment giant to bring together the worlds of heroes and professional gaming #LiquidxMarvel

Available now at https://t.co/0WlgwKMoiM pic.twitter.com/z5PwiZvOkR

— Team Liquid (@TeamLiquid) June 27, 2019


In spite of the fact that limited edition sport shirts with the theme of Captain America are being worn by the League of Legends squad, it will also be possible to get hold of other versions as well. As depicted in the YouTube video clip at the top, an innovative sport shirt having the theme of Iron Man is being put on by Yiliang “Peter” Peng and it also comes with the iconic gold as well as red color scheme along with an inspired design similar to that of a “totally sublimated MK 85”. Apart from this, you will also come across an exclusive Quantum Realm sport shirt that can boast of having the color scheme of a Realm suit as depicted to us in Avengers: Endgame. Besides all these, you will also get the opportunity of buying a T-shirt that has the distinction of featuring a logo whose one half happens to be the logo of Team Liquid while the rest of the logo is the same as that of the Marvel Entertainment logo.



Rift Rivals 2019

North America is going to be represented by as many as 3 teams in the Rift Rivals tournament that will be held this year. These 3 teams happen to be none other than Team SoloMid, Team Liquid, as well as Cloud9. On the other hand, the whole of Europe is going to be represented by the likes of Origen, Esports, as well as Fnatic Gaming. All of these astounding and breathtaking teams have the distinction of being the top three squads in the LES as well as the LCS. Following this, we will take a quick look at the track records of three teams which represent Europe in the Rift Rivals competition to be held this year. Until now, Team SoloMid has been able to register only a single win, while Team Liquid has a better record of emerging victorious on as many as 2 occasions. However, the other team, C9 has failed to win a single game so far. In this way, it is evident that the 3 teams representing Europe in this Rift Rivals tournament have recorded as many as 6 victories, while they have been on the losing side on 3 occasions as well.

Here we would like to ask you a question. Are you of the notion that a couple of other collaborations could be possibly made by Team Liquid along with Marvel Universe? Are you keeping yourself updated with the Rift Rivals competition that is going to be held in the year 2019? It will be feasible for you to get all the most recent info as well as content materials regarding the League of Legends here at Daily Esports.


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