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More leaked images from Riot Games' FPS title surfaced

More leaked images from Riot Games' FPS title surfaced

First images of Riot Games' first-person shooter have been leaked earlier this Sunday, March 1, giving the fans an early glimpse of the characters, weapons, maps and other features Valorant (formerly known as Project A) will bring.


The leaks surfaced from IGN Southeast Asia, who uploaded images of the upcoming Riot's FPS ahead of the release date, which caused quite a stir in the gaming community, especially among those who have been eagerly waiting for more information about one of the most anticipated game releases of 2020.

As claimed by Slasher, who posted the picture, the screenshots seem like they have been acquired from journalists who embargoed hands-on playtests. The pictures featured characters and maps, which seem to line up with the Project A teaser video Riot Games released earlier last year. The leaks come shortly after it was revealed the so-called Project A will be named Valorant, considering Riot Games already activated a Twitter and Twitch account with that name.

The Valorant twitter account already amassed almost 50,000 followers on Twitter and is slowly gaining followers on its Twitch account as well, despite the fact that there are no videos nor post on either of the accounts. It is, however, worth noting that Valorant Twitter account has been un-verified by Twitter, meaning it might have been activated a bit too early.

Although Valorant will most likely not be coming out anytime soon, there is already a lot of hype around it, as many FPS fans eagerly away for an early beta to test out the game, which is dubbed by many as the next big thing in the FPS scene.

From the leaked images and short teaser videos, Valorant seems like a mix between Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. The game will heavily rely on character-map interaction, as revealed by the developers, who stated that character abilities "will create amazing tactical opportunities for your gunplay to shine," suggesting Valorant just might revolutionize the FPS game scene.

What's more each character in the game will have its own set of four abilities, much like it's the case with Overwatch, however, as revealed to popular CS:GO caster Henry "HenryG" Greer, the abilities will "need to be purchased at the start of a round instead of earned over time with the same economy reservoir as the weaponry."

Several prominent esports names have already expressed their desire to get involved with Valorant, namely Braxton “swag” Pierce, who has announced he will be leaving the CS:GO scene and devote his time and energy to compete in Riot's FPS title in a bid to try out in a new esports title and build a new career.

When will Valorant be released?

Riot Games have yet to confirm an official release date for Valorant, however, Anna "SuperCakes" Donlon, an Executive Producer of Valorant teased we can expect more details about the game in 2020, which suggests Riot's first venture into the shooter scene could drop sometime in Q4 of 2020.

Although there was a supposed leak which suggested Valorant will be available as soon as March 2020, the rumours proved to be false, as there have not been any official announcements about a beta nor the official release of Valorant as of today.

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