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No Cross-Play for Borderlands 3 at Launch

While it may not be an issue for gamers deciding to wait for the release of Borderlands 3 on Steam (since it’s a year-long exclusive for the Epic Games Store), Gearbox has confirmed that the game won’t have any cross-play at launch.

Randy Pitchford, Gearbox CEO, has said that they are keen on supporting cross-platform play in the game and its something they are “looking at closely”. With the Borderlands invitation on Twitter for gamers to come and support a “celebration of togetherness”, many took it to mean that the game would be cross-play compatible from launch. However, that’s not what the announcement is for.


Pitchford took to Twitter stating that the announcement is not about cross-play but it will be in the game as soon as practicable after launch. He went on to say that the Borderlands 3 publisher 2K Games makes all the decisions about platform partnerships which would presumably include the cross-play decisions.

Instead, the announce showed a new trailer that you can watch featuring four playable Vault Hunters in Moze, FL4K, Zane and Amara. It’s a little weird, but it’s definitely not the strangest thing that has ever happened in Borderlands. It starts off with Claptrap dancing in front of a loot box and shows the characters dancing to So Happy Together by The Turtles. In dancing around in the colourful and almost euphoric setting, you see the Hunters skipping through what can only be future stages, while gunning down everything in front of them.

You’ll also notice some of the characters using special abilities as well as a couple of throwbacks to some of the older Borderlands games. Roses flying, loot boxes springing open and fireworks a-plenty, it’s a fun trailer.

Check out the So Happy Together Trailer below.



Borderlands 3 is set for release on September 13 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. However, you’ll only be able to play Borderlands 3 on PC on the Epic Games Store for the first year of release. Steam will then receive the release in 2020. Google Stadia will also have the game coming to the cloud-based streaming service in November 2019.

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