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PaiN Gaming Developed Partnership with Coca-cola -eSports News

eSports is gaining increasing popularity across the globe. Many countries and teams are coming forward to support and promote esports. In fact, some leading businesses are also showing an active interest in esports. You can take the example of Brazil and Coca-cola. 

paiN Gaming, a popular and leading esports team of Brazil has taken some initiatives to take the game to the next level. The team has announced a partnership with Coca-cola, the global beverage giant. As the partnership is developed between two leading actors of their respective fields, many speculations are coming up about the outcome. Some more initiatives are expected to get better exposure for esports.

After the new partnership, Coca-cola is going to work exclusively with the Brazilian team. The team is scheduled to play in the upcoming Brazilian League of the Legends Championship. In this championship, both these leaders will come forward to support each other for their benefits as well as the benefits of the esports.

The deal of Coca-cola and paiN Gaming is not made for a long time. It is just for the initial six months. In these six months, Coca-cola will be featuring notably on the paiN Gaming New Jersey for the CBLoL split. Though the agreement is made for only six months, still, there is a chance for renewal. If both the parties consider renewal, fans might see them working together onto the 2020 season. Keep an eye on the developments to know more about the partnership and their common effort to contribute to the success of the esports.

Coca-cola already has a good reputation for contributing to the success of the esports. It is no stranger to this growing industry. This year, in February, Coca-cola announced its main partnership with the Overwatch League with the objective of being the exclusive non-alcoholic beverage of the Overwatch League. It will certainly bring more profits to the company as it will give Coco-cola the required exposure.

The deal was considered a major one as it offered more profit options to Coco-cola. It offered exclusive right to Coca-cola to the OWL IP. That means now Coca-cola had exclusivity with all its twenty franchises in the League. So, the partnership with Overwatch League enabled Coca-cola to enter the industry with more earning possibilities.

Before this partnership, Coca-cola has been involved with some other leagues that include League of Legends in 2016 and then EA’s FIFA esports in 2017 and 2018.

In addition to Coca-cola, some other popular names will also be seen sponsoring the Brazilian team that includes Samsung Notebook Odyssey, PicPay, WD_Black, 5Starm SanDisk, Vertagear, Razer, and Trident.

As said by the Esports insiders, paiN Gaming is a popular name in Brazil and also Coca-cola is the leading and most recognized brand worldwide. This partnership is certainly going to give a boost to the Brazilian giants. The team will be seen playing for the 2019 Winter Split scheduled to start on the 1st of June. The Coca-cola and esports have come together for the upcoming league and they will expect that the partnership will continue work for the growth esports and will be able to inspire the young generation to support esports.

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