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Riot confirms new Pentakill album is in the works

Riot confirms new Pentakill album is in the works

Riot Games' creative director Christian “Praeco” Linke confirmed League of Legend's metal band Pentakill is preparing a new album, which will feature up to 10 new unique songs.


Conceived by Riot Games in 2014, Pentakill is a band that does not exist in our world, but rather in the world of Runtterra - the universe in which League of Legends is placed in. The band features some well-known LoL champions as its members in Karthus as the lead singer, Yorick, Sona, Olaf on the drums and the lead guitarist Mordekaiser the Master of Metal. Behind those characters, however, are some prominent names in the metal music industry including Jørn Lande, Noora Luhimo, Per Johansson, Tommy Lee and others.

Although assembled from five LoL characters, they all seemingly fit in with the theme of a metal band perfectly and while the image is spot on, their music had proven to be a huge success, especially amongst individuals who enjoy the its genre.

In 2017, Pentakill went above and beyond everyone's expectations, when a band that does not physically exist, with no promotion from the music industry breached into the Billboard Top 40 and made it to number one on the iTunes metal chart. Its most successful and popular song to date remains Mortal Reminder, which is a reference to a League item - much like it's the case with most of their songs such as Rapid Firecannon, Dead Man's Plate, Cull, Frozen Hearth, Blade of the Ruined King and more.

Fans of Pentakill, however, will be happy to hear that the virtual metal band has a confirmed new album in plans with up to 10 more original songs, as revealed by Praeco on League's subreddit earlier on Wednesday, March 4. Unfortunately, he was unable to provide a definite timeline as to when the new album will come out.

"There will definitely be another Pentakill album that features original music. At least a handful, up to 10 or so," said Praeco.

"We’re definitely all eager to get back into it, but would think that it would take another few months to start at least."

Praeco went on to explain that they need to put a lot of work and passion into the project to reach the needed level of quality, since "metalheads are a certain breed," suggesting they are looking to achieve perfection and nothing less with the new album.

"I think we’ll wanna make sure we capture the essence of Pentakill and keep things melodic and accessible, that was always the goal," he added.

"At the same time, add something new to it. I think on this next one we would likely try to add some new talent to the group. The most important thing is passion. Metalheads are a certain breed."

Pentakill has released its first full music in 2017, with the Grasp of the Undying album, which saw immense success. Although the fans in majority demanded to see and hear more of Pentakill, Riot Games instead opted for more pop-centric music over last few years with the release of K/DA, Dj Sona and True Damage. All three projects were in general well-received, however, the burning desire to hear more of Pentakill was and still is burning bright amongst LoL fans and metalheads alike.

The exact date of the release of Pentakill's new album remains a mystery although it would be safe to assume, it should drop sometime before the end of the year and possibly even as soon as summer of 2020.

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