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Team SoloMid sign kiting is hard to TFT roster

Team SoloMid sign kiting is hard to TFT roster

Team SoloMid have expanded their Teamfight Tactics roster with the signing of Leo “kiting is hard” Zhao, who has become an official member of the prominent North American esports organisation this Saturday.


With the arrival of kiting is hard, Team SoloMid's TFT roster now fields a total of three players, including Lae-Young “Keane” Jang and Duy Minh “Souless” Nguyen, both of whom have joined TSM at the start of August 2019.

Kiting is hard is said to represent the black and white colours at both TFT professional competitions, as well as serve as TSM's content creator by streaming on Twitch. Although a fairly unknown name in the professional esports scene, kiting is hard is a prominent name in the TFT community as a high-rated player. He held onto rank 1 in North America for three consecutive weeks in April 2020 and is as of May 24, ranked 48th with 1013 LP and a 19.8% win rate.

Before he transitioned to TFT, kiting is hard played League of Legends and reached the second-highest rank of King in Dota autochess.

In the TSM's announcement post, kiting is hard talked about how he took a big risk when he left college in a bid to pursue a career in esports and become a professional streamer, however, it's safe to say that his risk has paid off since he has now become a part of one of the most successful esports organisations in the world.

"I took a big risk leaving college to pursue streaming and playing TFT professionally, and I'm very proud to be joining an org as well established as TSM," said kiting is hard.

"I've been a fan of TSM since I first got introduced to esports, and I'm grateful for the chance to contribute as a content creator."

Kiting is hard is also an up-and-coming streamer with over 15,000 followers. He began streaming on Twitch in August 2017, however, only part-time and without many viewers. It took him until June 2019, to finally reach 10+ average viewers and in November, kiting is hard amassed a fairly impressive 216 average viewers. Since then, kiting is hard began streaming more frequently which consequently helped him reach 977 average viewers in April.

Anyone looking to get into Teamfight Tactics should tune into Kiting's streams on Twitch, where he will often give "clear and concise explanations for everything he does," breaking down his decision-making process, explaining how he decided for the choices he makes all the while creating educational content for those hoping to learn how to play the game at the highest level.

"We’re super excited to have him on board, and can’t wait to see what he can accomplish with us! Please join us in giving him a big welcome to TSM," read the announcement.

Riot Games will kick off their TFT Galaxies Championship at the end of Set Three, with more information about the dates and other details set to become available late in the summer.

The tournament will feature 16 players from all over the world who will compete for the largest share of US $200,000 prize pool. The participants will have to qualify for the event through a region-specific system of ladders and tournaments, which will ensure TFT Galaxies Championship will feature only the best players from each region.

TFT Galaxies Championship will have a predetermined number of players who will represent their region. The spot distribution is as follows:

China: 3


Japan: 1

Korea: 2

NA: 2

Brasil: 2

Latin America: 2

Turkey: 1

The TFT Galaxies Championship ladder rankings began at the start of May. After 12 weeks, the top 10 players with the most points will get to duke it out in the NA Finals. Although kiting is hard is no longer the rank 1 player in the region, his high ranking makes it possible we might see him represent the TSM's banner at the main event.

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