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Top 5 eSports tips for 2023

Since the formation of the first Esports organization in the early 2000s, the community has grown exponentially. Now, with an estimated global following of nearly 500 million people, Esports is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.  And as the industry continues to grow, so too does the betting market for Esports on casinos like Ignition Casino USA. 

In this article, we will be highlighting some of the best tips you should know about when betting on Esports in 2023.

What is Esports?

Esports is a term used to describe organized video gaming competitions. These competitions can involve individuals playing alone or teams of players. Esports is a rapidly growing industry with tournaments that offer large prize pools. There are numerous games that are commonly featured in esports competitions, including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Dota 2.

Tips for Esports betting


1.   Don’t start by betting big

If you’re new to Esports, it isn’t advisable to start betting with a lot of money. Yes, the potential payouts can be huge, but falling into that false sense of security of “always winning” is a constant among new betters.

You first have to learn about the Esports betting environment and the only way to do that is by spending more time betting. If you go all in and spend most of your betting budget on a few bets, you won’t be able to gain this experience. You may end up making a bit of money, but it won’t help you a lot with future bets.

You need to know when to make calculated risks and where to get the right information from. Therefore, the best way to start is by placing small bets and learning from those experiences.

2.   Start with the games you’re familiar with

To be good at Esports betting you should also be familiar with the rules of the game you’re betting on. It wouldn’t make sense to place your bets on a video game that you just learned about. There may be multiple nuances you are not aware of that can affect the course of the game, and thus your winning percentage.

Betting on games where you know the rules and understand how the game is going to play out until the end will give you the highest chance of winning.

3.   Don’t always take recommendations from others

You may have friends who have been Esports betting for some time, or you may have found “tipsters” online willing to give you information. Though this can be helpful, it’s not the best strategy to make your bets according to that information. They cannot always be trusted and you’ll only end up losing your own money.

Instead, make sure you educate yourself about the multiple bets you can place, how to identify the best odds and come up with your own strategy. Betting is not as simple as listening to another’s advice and then placing your own bet. You need to understand why you’re placing the bet to ensure that you always have a winning chance.

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