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An Autobattler-Like Experience Provided by Robot Panda's Innovative Game Hero Chess

I am an ardent gaming buff and whenever I succeed in finding out an innovative as well as brand-new autobattler title out there, I feel rather intimidated and scared by seeing one particular pitch. Let me reveal the reason why I feel like that anyway. As a matter of fact, while many of these games boast by asserting that there are more than 50 heroes that you can play with, this undoubtedly suggests that it is going to play in the same identical fashion as the original Auto Chess. One thing I’ve noticed that almost every single autobattler out there who has followed it has ended up in recycling its collection of mechanics as well as heroes under different names.

Below, I will cite an example that will help to justify my statement. As a matter of fact, the same case happened with Hero Chess who happens to be an innovative and brand-new offering from the reputed game developer named Robot Panda which is actually based in San Francisco. While playing this game you’ll come across the very same pre-built synergies as well as combinations that you experience while playing autobattlers. However, the good thing is that it does come with several innovative and astounding redeeming features that certainly deserve mention.

Fast as well as streamlined

Anyone who has played Hero Chess will come to understand the fact that this particular game is almost identical to any other autobattler out there both visually as well as mechanically. However, the positive thing is that it is going to play much quicker. In fact, the studio behind this particular game has already taken note of the immense popularity of the fast-mode options in Arena of Evolution and any other similar mobile title. It is a fact that the original Hero Chess does include quick preparation phases as well as only 30 player health. Moreover, matches are usually coming to an end in less than 20 minutes.

One more positive aspect of this game is that its build is not only stable but also extremely smooth as well. Anybody who has played this game must be fascinated by the fantastic connection speeds while the match queues happen to be instantaneous as well. Apart from this, the UI is not only clean but also quite responsive. One drawback of this game might be the fact that the art seems to be a bit artificial although it does appear to be bright as well as enjoyable to look at. These features should be enough to entice any gamer to play this game and should also engross him for hours together.

Building rather than items?

One notable feature about Hero Chess is the fact that it does not come with any item system whatsoever. You will find this feature in case you advance a bit further while playing this game. Instead, the game offers an innovative and exclusive building-type hero which is known as the Gold Mine. It is going to generate a specific quantity of gold every single round, thus allowing for strategies which focus on the economy. Apart from this, it can also be combined into a 2 as well as 3-star version just like a real hero for providing you with more income.

While playing this particular game, the combo between tower defense and an auto battler can prove to be extremely enjoyable after all. In fact, it will be possible for Hero Chess to isolate itself from other types of auto battles on the market simply by escalating their building mechanism. It will be advisable for them to commence by fixing the existing profile of the Gold Mine to be more like a building. At present, it comes with extremely low health conditions and one can easily push it around by hero collision.

Hero Chess is going to deliver some sort of “Diet Autobattler” experience unless and until more innovative features are added to it. There is no doubt about the fact that the game is simple, fast, as well as responsive; however, it does not offer virtually anything over the other games in this particular genre.

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