ESL Pro League viewership up after recent revamp

Chief Marketing Officer of ESL, Rodrigo Samwell, spoke to Esports Insider exclusively on the motivation behind the league’s rework: “For us, it was important to bring the teams to the front seat like no one has done before.

“The integration of their colours into the ESL world, the choice of materials, depth built into visual ID and movement created this spectacular effect of the teams clashing in the world of the ESL Pro League in a very authentic way.”

In an effort to elevate the competition of the Pro League and optimise teams’ schedules (especially in today’s oversaturated Counter-Strike vista), ESL had opted to take Season 9 entirely offline. Not only was ESL’s decision to double down on this new format met with great praise from both fans and players, but metrics from the ESL Pro League since its renovation has also shown explosive growth in viewership.

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