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Ocelote and Ceb join the League of Legends vs. Dota 2 debate

CEO of G2 Esports Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez and Sébastien "Ceb" Debs joined the debate of which of the two MOBA titles is better by sharing their thoughts in a very unique way, by releasing videos where they compared the two games to vehicles in order to share their views why they believe their game title is superior to its counterpart. 

Shortly after Peng “Doublelift” Yiliang relit the fire under the touchy subject of which of the two MOBA game titles is harder to play, OG Captain Johan “N0tail” Sundstein responded with his own opinion, and it did not take long before Ocelote and later Ceb decided they will share their thoughts with the community as well.

It all started when Ocelote posted a video earlier on Wednesday, comparing the two games to cars in order to prove his point why he believes LoL is better compared to Dota 2. While he started his rant by claiming we will never get the definitive answer for the question, Ocelote did not shy away from making everyone know how he feels about the conflict.

“Let's say League of Legends is like BMW i8, it feels nice to drive, smooth, feels premium, expensive... you're driving a piece of machinery, crafted by the gods,” Ocelote said about League of Legends

“And then you're going to Dota 2, which is a good game, but it's more like 1993 sleeper car, with V6 360 horsepower, 300 pounds of torque… And you beat the i8 in a quarter-mile race, which of course nobody gives a s*** about.”

“There are people for both. You prefer the calculations, the horsepower, but I prefer the magic!”

“You can keep that scrappy a** monster engine for yourself,” he concluded his interesting comparison between the two games.

Ceb decided to take a jab against Ocelote by posting a minute-long video on his official Twitter account earlier this Thursday, which was clearly made as a parody response for Ocelote's video.

DotA2 vs LoL: THE ULTIMATE CONCLUSION pic.twitter.com/3xc5ziaiEF

— Ceb (@Ceb_dota) December 26, 2019

Instead of using cars as a comparison method, the French Dota 2 pro compared the two games to bicycles. He claimed  Dota 2 is a tricycle, which is “built with passion” and meant for people who know they will be driving a “piece of art”, while League of Legends, which is “a good game” is like a finely-tuned bike, with all the accessories you could want.

Ceb went on to state that the bike will beat the tricycle in a six-meter race, which nobody gives a "f*** about" and that he much prefers the “complexity” the tricycle, or in this case the complexity Dota 2 provides to him as compared to the “safety and comfort” of the League of Legends bike. 

While Ceb clearly made the video to mock Ocelote, this is nothing unusual for the French pro, who is known in the Dota 2 community as one of the most outspoken personalities in the scene. Much like Doublelift, Ceb is widely known for his trash-talking and not shying away from having a go with other professionals, teams and even esports organizers or in this case CEO of an esports team.

While he can go a bit over the line at times, Ceb has all the right to be confident in his knowledge about the game and his strong opinions. At the end of the day, Ceb is one of the most successful Dota 2 players in the world and a two-time Dota 2 World Champion, having won two International titles with OG during his three-year-long stay with the European roster.

Ceb is also the fourth-highest paid esports player in history, with $5,489,233.01 in tournament winnings throughout his career, only trailing his three teammates Anathan "ana" Pham, Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka and N0tail.

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Seeing how both Ceb and Ocelote decided to share their opinions on the issue, there is a reason to believe they will be ready to fulfil N0tail’s wishes to set a date and do a podcast where he and Ceb would sit down with Doublelift and another representative of League of Legends community and discuss their views about the two MOBA titles.

No dates for the said podcast has been set yet, nor do we know whether Ocelote would be prepared to take time out of his busy schedule and participate in it, but considering he is without a doubt one of the best individuals to join Doublelift, despite North America – Europe rivalry, we just might be seeing or hearing Ocelote in the debate when the right time comes.

How, when and where will the eternal conflict between two communities unfold is anyone's guess, however, we can be sure we haven't heard the last of Ocelote, Ceb, Doublelift and N0tails, as many fans would love to see the four of the most outspoken individuals in the scene take participate in a debate to finally settle the burning question or at least come close to giving the community the answers they hope to hear.

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