An Overview of the Challenges of Battle Pass in Apex Legends Season 2

In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the challenges of Battle Pass in Apex Legends Season 2.


The progression system of Season 2 Battle Pass had been previewed on Reddit by none other than Lee Horn who happens to be the lead product supervisor of Apex Legends on this very same day. Just like we have already made an announcement earlier, the progression system actually comprises of standard challenges what can be accomplished by the participants with the purpose of leveling up at a significantly faster rate. It is desirable for leveling up on its own to be much more gratifying according to Respawn who has likewise assured us of a Battle Pass which is full of an increasing number of contents than ever before.

Apex Legends makes a challenge

As written by Horn in his personal article, you will be provided with the unique opportunity of making much better progress when it comes to the Battle Pass thanks to all the challenges. According to this individual, it seems to indicate that you will be in a position to unlock that particular amazingly sweet loot without hardly making any sort of endeavor within a shorter span of time and this can be done simply by coming back at regular intervals.

It was further added by him that the challenges of this particular season will not need any tutorial from sites like YouTube for the purpose of figuring out. As per Horn, it is imperative for the challenges to be helpful despite the fact that it is not desirable for them to be too complex or involved by any means.

The system is going to consist of Weekly as well as Daily challenges. It will be extremely interesting to take note of the fact that the Daily Challenge is going to be random and they are going to be reset each and every day in a completely natural and unique process. On top of that, they are not going to be intensive by any means, as per Horn, who has cited an instance of "Play 1 game as Lifeline.”

All of the Apex gamers will be given the opportunity of accessing as many as seven innovative challenges on a weekly basis during the entire Season 2. They are going to stay right there until they are finished, and it will be possible for the players to choose the time when they would like to complete those challenges according to their own tempo. Here we would like to mention the fact that all of the latecomers will be getting every single Weekly Challenge which has been accrued to the date when the Battle Pass had been purchased by them.

As a matter of fact, Stars are going to be utilized by the Battle Pass of Apex Legends Season 2 which happens to be a separate advancement from the experience points of the account. While several of these challenges are going to reward Stars, the rest of the challenges might be bumping the Battle Pass advancement by entire levels as soon as they are carried out.


Brand-new cosmetics

It is imperative for all of the players to test a version of the challenges of Apex Legends with the constrained time challenges in the Legendary Hunt event which has been held not too long ago. Brand-new and unique cosmetics will be rewarded by all these challenges, and it will be extremely interesting to observe whether something similar is likewise done by Respawn in Season 2.

It was previously announced by none other than Respawn that as many as 3 fresh content categories are going to be featured in the cosmetics roster of Apex legends. At this point, we are aware of the fact that one of those is going to be the innovative flying emotes that has already evoked a tremendous amount of interest out there. As a matter of fact, it is highly possible that one more content category is going to be customized and personalized melee weapon skins or maybe the heirloom objects. These will prove to be a fantastic replacement for the already existing heirloom set (which is ultra-rare as well), and this has been debatably the most dubious thing in the entire season 1 monetization of Apex.

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