Information About League Of Legends European Championship

Riot Games without any doubt is a leading and well-known American video game developer. Additionally, they also have earned name and fame as a leading tournament organizer for esports. They are based at Los Angeles, California. Ever since their founding in 2006, Riot Games has grown from strength to strength. Hence, if there is any report or piece of news article emanating from Riot Games, it does get quite a bit of attention. According to an Esports observer, Riot Games had quite a few things to say about the success of the much awaited and exciting League of Legends. This is basically a European Championship and it was the Spring Split Finals.


It Contributed To The Success Of The Economy

While the tournament was a huge success from the players’ and spectators’ point of view, financial success is something that Riot Games has mentioned about. The two-day event was able to contribute a whopping 2.4 million Euros or USD 2.6 million to the local economy of Rotterdam. This indeed is very encouraging. Rotterdam, by the way, was the first city to emerge winners of this event. This was through the new host city program of Riot. The program is almost the same as to that of the host city programs that are used for other major events including the one and only Olympics.


A Look At The Host City Program

We would like to mention here that the host city program started its development work in 2018. Riot Games chose Burson Cohn & Wolfe Sports (BCW) as their main partner in their endeavor to give shape and substance to the host city program. BCW Sports is considered to be a world leading management and marketing firm in the domain of traditional sports. This partnership, according to experts and other stakeholders is the right step as far as the esports scene is concerned. There is a growing interest across many cities with regard to host events and therefore Riot Games has begun accepting applications almost two years in advance.

The statistics that have been used for this report are based on on-site surveys that have been done personally. This is combined with verified account information and also from ticket sales figures that are collected from the LEC event. According to Riot Games, it is estimated that the attendees must have spent around USD 119 or Euro 106 per head for the event on expenses. This certainly is a big boost to the local Rotterdam economy.


The Next Host City For Riot Games

The next location for the summer final of LEC was announced and it was done almost a month ago. It will be held in Athens, Greece and the next LEC will be held on Sept 7 and 8. However, the venue details have not been revealed and it will be known in due course. According to guesswork, it could be O.A.C.An Olympic Indoor Hall or the Hellinikon Olympic Arena, or it could also be the Peace and Friendship Stadium. However, wherever it will be held, there are reasons to believe that it will certainly attract the attention and interest of thousands of people given the fact that this event is getting popular with each passing day.


The Main Sponsor

Let us now get to know something more about the main sponsor. It will most probably be Lion Cereals. This is a famous French Cereal Company. The company previous had partnered with Riot Games in 2017. They sponsored 100 French fans to witness the 2017 EU LCS Spring Finals. It certainly was a big moment and it bolstered the popularity of this event not only in Rotterdam but also across other countries and cities of Europe. Hence, it is expected that Lion Cereals will be at it again. There are many who expect that they will again be partnering with Riot Games and will send perhaps a larger number of French Fans to Athens, Greece at the venue where the next event is scheduled to take place in September, 2019.

In fine, there is no denying the fact that Riot Games is at it with full energy and vigor and it will most certainly leave no stone unturned to ensure the success of this event this time around. The event by itself is getting natural traction and is catching the attention of thousands of fans.

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