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League of Legends bugfixes and new Skins in 10.3 patch

League of Legends bugfixes and new Skins in 10.3 patch

Riot Games introduced patch 10.3 for League of Legends earlier on Tuesday, February 4, which brought with it a plethora of changes to the Summoner's Rift, including new skins, chromas and bug-fixes.

Perhaps the most exciting changes that will find their way onto the Rift with 10.3 patch are the buffs and nerfs to champions, while we also cannot ignore all the big fixes Riot Games made to the game in order to make the game not only more enjoyable but also improve the competitive integrity, which does take a hit when some features in the game do not work as intended. Here we will look over all the bug fixes that will be introduced to League of Legends as well as the new skins and chromas.




Champion abilities:

  • Jayce's ultimate ability Mercury Cannon/Mercury Hammer's cooldown will now properly reduce by 10% when Jayce has the Cloud Drake buff.
  • Braum's passive - Concussive Blow's stun duration will now be properly reduced by Tenacity.
  • Illaoi's E - Test of Spirit will now properly extrude Sett's vessel, if Sett has no points in his W - Haymaker.
  • Lux's E - Lucent Singularity will now properly reveal bush inside its damage and slow zone. 
  • Katarina's passive - Sinister Steel daggers will no longer gain two stacks of Conqueror per target hit - now it will properly gain two stacks per cast.
  • Katarina no longer attempts to basic attack her last target after casting her E - Shunpo, unless the said enemy is already in the attack range.
  • Garen's Q - Decisive Strike will no longer cancel mid-attack when the target teleports out of range.
  • Fixed an issue where champions blinded by Teemo's Q - Blinding Dart were still able to apply critical of empowered damage to their opponents.
  • Mordekaiser's passive - Darkness Rise will now properly deal damage to enemies only when the ability is active.



Items and Item effects:

  • Ornn's upgraded Might of the Ruined King's passive will no longer stack with Blade of the Ruined King's passive.
  • Champion's on-hit abilities will now properly build up energy stacks from items with the UNIQUE - Energized ability.
  • Champions with double attacks will now properly gain the amount of UNIQUE: Passive - Energized stacks they should be receiving for two attacks.
  • Champions will no longer be able to proc Grasp of the Undying for Prototype: Omnistone several times in one rotation.


Other fixes:

  • Infernal Soul's VFX and SFX will no longer be seen through Fog of War by the enemy team.
  • Fixed the issue with Nightbringer Lee Sin Prestige Edition model's neck stretching, which occurred during several animations (Idle1, Idle2 and Run).
  • Fixed the issue when PROJECT: Jinx's SFX was louder than the other skin's SFX.
  • Sett's ultimate ability - The Show Stopper is no longer able to suppress Mordekaiser, when he casts his ultimate ability - Realm of Death.
  • Guardian of the Sands Rengar's passive - Unseen Predator and ultimate ability - The Thrill of the Hunt's range indicators no longer pulsate in a way that makes their sizes change intermittently. 
  • Fixed the issue where Yummi got stuck in her ally Mordekaiser's ultimate ability - Realm of Death, when she casts her W - You and Me! towards him as he is reviving via Zilean's ultimate - Chronoshift.
  • The blind spot near the northern wall at the entrance to the Red's side's bottom jungle has been fixed so that all traps, pets and champions are visible to players who stand in the river.
  • Fixed the issue where dead champions drew turret's aggro.
  • Baron Nashor will no longer damage or grant vision around himself for players behind his pit - those that do not originally have vision on him.
  • Destroying a turret or a turret plate with Rift Herald will now grant players the right amount of gold even if they're far away from the turret itself.


Adding to the buffs and nerfs for 16 League of Legends champions, Riot Games also unveiled new skins and Chromas, which have been added to LoL with the patch 10.3.


New skins: 


True Damage Senna Prestige Edition


Heartseeker Jing and Heartseeker Yuumi

New Chromas:


Heartseeker Jinx

Heartseeker Yuumi

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