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Perkz and Caps will be switching positions for 2020 LEC Summer Split

Perkz and Caps will be switching positions for 2020 LEC Summer Split

After winning their seventh League of Legends European Championship (LEC) title in the Spring Split, G2 Esports are looking to switch things up, or better yet, switch things back as they were with Rasmus "Caps" Winther moving back to the mid lane, while Luka "Perkz" Perković is set to return to his old position as the team’s ADC.


There has been plenty of talk in the offseason about the switch and while Perkz and Caps hinted the swap could happen numerous times before, we never got to see the return of Uma Jan and Claps. Until this Wednesday, when G2's head coach Fabian “‎GrabbZ‎” Lohmann took on Twitter to confirm his two superstar players will be switching roles back to their 2019 roster iteration in the upcoming 2020 LEC Summer Split.

"We were very close to sending Wunder to botlane but we decided to run it back with our 2019 roster for summer/worlds," said GrabbZ‎.

"Having the two best western mids and ads in the same team sure gives some headaches, " he jokingly added.

G2 owner Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago talked about how it would be his ultimate goal to have both players switch roles on a game-to-game basis before.

“Honestly? I don’t know. What I would say is that now we know how to play Caps bot and Perkz mid, and Perkz bot with Caps mid,” said Ocelote.

“So who’s going to play where? Nobody knows.”

The announcement was greeted with open arms by the G2 fans since Caps had a few games this past split when he struggled as an ADC. While G2 lost only three games throughout the whole LEC Spring Split and overall looked very solid, Caps and his mechanics on ADC champions were sometimes worrying. On several occasions, he got caught in unusual situations, while he had games where he left little to no impact, which is very uncharacteristic of him.

All that was concerning the fans, since Caps would have to improve significantly for G2 to contest the World Championship title, where he would have to face off against some of the best ADC players in the world.

Soon it became generally agreed that Perkz was a better ADC player than Caps, however, the Danish prodigy saw a resurgence in form in the playoffs, where he put up an impressive display as an ADC and with that silenced all the doubters.

Although the duo decided to swap out the roles once more, it seems like G2 Esports won't have a difficult time flexing the two players in both positions in the Summer Split and beyond, which will add another layer of excitement to G2, who have become known for their unorthodox approach to games and unique and innovative drafts. G2 always prided themselves on the flexibility of their roster and with two of the best players in the world capable of playing two roles, G2 Esports have reached a new level of uniqueness and flexibility no other League of Legends team in the world has.

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