Riot Games to Introduce Revenue-Sharing Passes for LOL

It has been declared by Riot Games that it does have intentions of introducing innovative in-game revenue-sharing features with the unique purpose of providing assistance to League of Legends esports.

Team passes or area-specific fan is going to be introduced, and approximately half of the revenue is going to be split across the pertinent team or leagues on every single sale from a specific zone.

In spite of the fact that this is not the first occasion that items which are related to esports have been incorporated by the developer which is actually commencing on 31 May, in most cases, they happen to be based on events, as well as time-constrained.

This particular decision was comprehensively explained thanks to a blog post published by Riot Games which asserted the following information: They are of the motion that it is of prime importance that with the gradual development of their sport, their teams, leagues, as well as the players have a significant role to share in what they have achieved as a whole. As a matter of fact, they are very much enthusiastic and thrilled regarding all these innovative launches out there and will be making every bit of effort to learn as much as feasible regarding which particular aspects are being appreciated the most by the numerous followers of esports across the globe given that they are hoping to expand in the upcoming days!

It is good to be aware of the fact that one will get access to fan passes in locations like Turkey, Brazil, Japan, Latin America, as well as Oceania and these will be consisting of a set of quests which will be providing rewards to the fans for devoting their precious time in watching the League of Legends esports through the official site. In fact, team passes which are actually based on rewards, as well as items specific to particular teams, are going to be introduced in North America as well as the European countries out there. It will be possible for an individual who possesses this particular pass to pick any specific team for providing able support at the time of the split, accomplishing quests by matching the games so as to acquire items that are specific to a particular team. It will likewise be feasible for any player to get hold of a single team pass intended for the LCS as well as one more which is actually meant for the LEC.

According to Esports Insider: The time is almost ripe for one of the more well-known esports out there to include revenue-sharing which will allow the teams to get the unique opportunity of receiving further monetary assistance in spite of the fact that things can get modified significantly by means of franchising when compared to Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, or any other similar title having an identical initiative. It is really heartening to observe the fact that it will not be feasible for the teams and the leagues to have a more solidified and significant in-game presence at present.

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