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Team Secret announces League of Legends team

Team Secret announces League of Legends team

Team Secret, a European esports organisation, have announced their expansion into the League of Legends scene with the acquisition of a Vietnamese squad, which will compete in Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) Sprint Split 2020.


Team Secret, mostly known for their success in Dota 2 have announced on their Twitter earlier this week they are expanding into League of Legends competitive scene with their own LoL squad team in a bid to leave a mark in another game. With this announcement, Team Secret now fields teams in a handful of esports titles including Age of Empires 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege, Super Smash Bros. Melee, PUBG Mobile and Dota 2.

The team will start their journey in VCS, and although the Vietnamese LoL league has already started, Secret have successfully acquired a spot by signing the former Lowkey Esports squad.

Lowkey was established in summer of 2019 when the organisation signed Friends Forever team and saw immediate success, finishing the 2019 VCS Summer Split third and pocketing a silver medal in the Summer Playoffs. Due to Friends Forever's success in Spring Split where the squad finished fourth, Lowkey secured a ticket for the 2019 LoL World Championship, making them one of the two Vietnamese teams that made an appearance on the big stage.

What's more, Lowkey impressed with their performances at Worlds, having finished the Play-In stage at the second place, however, were unable to make it into the main event, after losing to DAMWON Gaming (1-3) in round two, meaning they finished their Worlds venture at 17th-20th place.

Going forward, Team Secret decided to keep all the players that represented Lowkey last year, hoping the Vietnamese squad can repeat their success and make it to the 2020 Worlds.

Joining the newly established Team Secret's LoL team are: top laners Đinh "Coated" Văn Tráng and Nguyễn "Hani" Tuấn Phát, jungler Đỗ "DNK" Ngọc Khải, mid laner Nguyễn "Artifact" Văn Hậu, ADC Nguyễn Phước "Celebrity" Long Hiệp, supports Bùi Nguyễn "Venus" Quốc Hoàng and Văn "Yin" Phúc An Khang, as well as three substitutes in top laner Lại Nguyễn "Akame" Anh Khoa, mid laner Trần "Pampy" Công Tình and support Nguyễn "Bunzz" Trọng Nghĩa.

As it stands now, the newly established Team Secret roster sits at third place in the league, having won three games against FTV Esports, CERBERUS Esports and EVOS Esports, but lost to Dashing Buffalo (former Phong Vũ Buffalo).

While it's hard to expect the Team Secret's LoL team will see immediate success on the international stage, there are a lot of reasons for the fans to be optimistic looking forward. Team Secret esports organisation has built one of the biggest and strongest Dota 2 teams in the world and sees a fair amount of success in other esports titles as well.

Team Secret also finished 2019 as one of the top esports teams based on tournament winnings, having earned $3.31 million throughout the year. Most of its revenue came due to the success of their Dota 2 team, which finished The International at fourth place. That said, with the acquisition of a new League of Legends roster, as well as CS:GO team earlier in November 2019, it's safe to say 2020 will be a big year for Team Secret.

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