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How Overwatch's New Hero Sigma Works

Sigma is the new and 31st hero of the overwatch. Though he is not live for now, still, this Blizzard’s new hero has created much hype and players all over are interested to know more about Sigma. By role, Sigma is a tank. But he comes with many fantastic offensive abilities that make the new hero, one of the most versatile picks in the team. Now you will know why he is so versatile and what makes him so popular.

Bouncy-explody Balls

The key fire ability of Sigma is Hyperspheres. He has two gravitic charges to bounce of walls as well as to cause AOE damage in their small radius. This is a very strong ability especially while forcing his opponents through the chocks. It will enable Sigma to cause damage to the entire group. Only this ability can make teams decide their approach on choke with the new hero Sigma waiting on the different side.

The Moving Wall

The secondary fire ability of Sigma is an experimental barrier. It will enable him to push the floating barriers to any of his chosen locations and dismiss anytime. Experimental barrier ability complements the first Hypersheres ability very well. By putting this ability in the choke point, he can force enemies to concentrate on the fire. Also, it leaves the enemies susceptible to the outbreak of the fire on top of the hero’s own AOE damage.

This shield is considered more versatile compared to the Reinhardt or Orissa since it can place depending on which Sigma points. Also, he can place it wherever he wants. The 1500 health will also work in their favor. It will enable the team to sustain regardless of the area you are using,

Grasp of Doom

If you are looking for something exciting and interesting, then you would love the Kinectic Grasp. This is going to win many hearts. Kinectic Grasp will enable Sigma to congeal the incoming projectiles in midair and then it converts them into the shields. This ability will work for the best protection. It protects Sigma and its team from any of the projectiles that come in their way. Also, it features a 15-second cool down though. So, you will have to Grasp wisely and intelligently.

The Slingshot

This is one of the best abilities of Sigma. However, you can easily overlook it. It comes with excellent execution and is expected to yield a great outcome. Accretion is the ability that enables Sigma to gather a mass of fragments and then sling them at the enemies to knock them down. When used correctly, it can create a great swing in the team fights and disables the valuable targets. If you throw it out just like willy nilly, you cannot realize its best usage. To maximize the benefits, you will have to use it correctly and then only you can reap the rewards.

Is This Legal?

The last but powerful ability is Sigma’s ultimate, known as the Gravitic Flux. It enables Sigma to take flights and lift the enemies in some specific targeted area and then lunches enemies into the sky just before crashing them down. This ultimate is considered good for many different reasons. First, its area of effect is quite large and it does great damage as well. While doing so, it will ensure that you will pick up at least a few heroes. Also, it makes heroes useless for a period and allows the team to focus on flux’s other side. Third, Sigma also takes flight. That means you will be able to maneuver the hero in a high place that you cannot go without routing otherwise.

Besides, this ability will lift your enemies off objective unintentionally. If you will be able to get all your six enemies heroes inside of the flux eventually, then it will lift your opponents from the payload, point, and will lift them long enough for the overtime counter to vacant.

In brief, you can say that Sigma is a great addition to overwatch and its hero line up. It will provide some unavoidable but recognizable tank role. Sigma might not be live in Stage 4. But you might see him in the Season 3. What impact are you expecting on the 2-2-2 Meta in the Flex tank role?

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