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MonteCristo partners with Cloud9

MonteCristo partners with Cloud9

Esports caster, co-owner of Renegades and former CLG coach Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles, who left the Overwatch League at the end of 2019, has announced he will be partnering up with a North American esports organization Cloud9 and continue his career as a content creator.


MonteCristo announced his departure from the Overwatch scene on December 31, 2019, with a Twitter post where he explained the issues he has with the way how OWL is ran and for that reason decided not to extend his contract as an OWL caster and instead look to continue his career elsewhere.

Since his announcement of departure from Overwatch scene, the MonteCristo did not talk about where he will look to continue his career and left his fans in the dark until this Monday when he unveiled his next goal is to create and produce his own content in partnership with Cloud9.

The announcement of MonteCristo's partnership surfaced this Monday when the legendary esports caster posted a short video on his Twitter channel, where he briefly talked about how he was involved with Overwatch since the inaugural OWL season and even before that was a caster in the Overwatch scene during APEX league.

“I started casting Overwatch at the start of the competitive scene going all the way back to APEX,” said MonteCristo.

“I was there for the very first C9 that has ever happened in Overwatch. And I gotta tell you, this is going to be my last C9 as well.”

In the Overwatch, C9 stands for two things - the famous North American team Cloud9 as well as a term which is a throwback to the infamous play by the team of the same name, which became a legendary meme in the Overwatch scene.

The C9 term simply refers to an instance when a team fails to capture and/or complete an objective, which is usually the resulting from going after the enemy team, trying to win a team fight, meanwhile completely forgetting to complete the game's objective, thus losing the match. C9 pulled that off back on February 14, 2017, when they played Afreeca Freecs Blue during Overwatch APEX Season 2. Cloud9 Overwatch team later rebranded into London Spitfire, which continues to compete in the OWL.

"Jokes aside, what this means is that I will be making content my way with Cloud9," said MonteCristo.

"I will also be partnering with them on designing competitive products that will be announced shortly."

This, however, won't be the first time MonteCristo and C9 will work together to create esports content. During the 2019 League of Legends World Championship, Monte Cristo also partnered with Duncan "Thoorin" Shields to revive Summoning Insight. The League of Legends talk show is said to return to our screens in 2020, as revealed by Cloud9 with a short video featuring Thoorin and Mont Cristo discussing how they will "take over the world" by re-launching the Summoning Insights for the whole year.

MonteCristo was the first notable departure from Overwatch League and was later followed by several other prominent names in the scene. Earlier this month caster Auguste "Semmler" Massonna, MonteCristo's long-time desk partner Erik "DoA" Lonnquist as well as hosts Malik Forte and Chris Puckett all announced their exodus from the OWL and confirmed they are not returning to OWL Season 3.

While all had their reasons, MonteCristo cited "irreconcilable creative and philosophical differences" between him and the new Overwatch league leadership as the main reason why he will not be involved in the third season of OWL. The issues reportedly started shortly after the departure of OWL commissioner Nate Nanzer, who left for Epic Games.

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