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Overwatch 2 Rumors and News Roundup

It seems that Blizzard is planning a near-total overhaul of Overwatch if recent news and rumors are to be believed. Early tidbits suggest that there will be new heroes, new modes, a new map, and a whole bunch of other introductions including a new logo. Here’s a summary of the most interesting Overwatch 2 news and rumors so far:

There will be a New Hero

Blizzard has not announced any changes to the existing roster of Overwatch heroes, and fans don’t expect it. However, Overwatch 2 is certain to introduce a new hero, most likely named Echo.

Echo first appeared in the teaser trailer that introduced Ashe the gunslinger to fans a while back. Echo, a floating robot, was part of Ashe’s entourage but was not introduced as a playable character. Fans have wildly speculated that Echo would become playable in the not so distant future.

That speculation may be coming true. Gaming journalists recently uncovered leaked Blizzard artwork for Overwatch 2 that featured Echo, alongside some of the most popular characters of the franchise like Mei and Reinhardt. Blizzard hasn’t confirmed anything officially though.

New Mode “Push” is Coming

A new game mode, called “push” will be introduced as well. Overwatch has only ever had four game modes—assault, escort, control, and hybrid. Push would be the first mode to be released since the game’s debut in 2015.

Not much is known about the push mode. Rumors are rife that Echo would be the first character to demonstrate this. In addition, Blizzard has plans to unveil hero talents in Overwatch 2, a feature the developer already has on its “Word of Warcraft” franchise.

New Map

This is not much of a surprise, of course. Overwatch 2 will feature a shiny new map, a la Fortnite Chapter 2. Specifics are not available, but early releases have indicated that the map will be of Toronto.

More Emphasis on PvE than PvP in Overwatch 2

Early announcements and press leaks from Blizzard strongly suggest that Overwatch 2 would emphasise PvE elements more than PvP ones. The story is expected to be more narrative-driven compared to the original Overwatch, which was mainly a competitive team-against-team dynamic.

That is not to say the game will switch to solo. The new story modes will involve teams of players following along a narrative arc. It’s near confirmed that there will be a storyline set in Rio de Janeiro that a team of four players can complete, which is a notable departure from the usual 6-player teams.

Fans can expect Blizzard to make some much-demanded changes to improve gameplay. ESPN reported that Blizzard is planning to implement a “2/2/2 role lock and role queue” that fans have been demanding for years. More will be known at the upcoming Blizzcon convention.

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